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New 3D Hologram hits high at CeBIT 2018

The Norton stand will be buzzing at CeBIT with this new super-engaging solution

IMAGE:  http://www.expocentric.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Press-Release-Image-2000x1333.jpg

A new thrill for the CeBIT Australia Technology conference (May 15-17) has just been announced.  Stan Kruss, who proved walking away from a $2 million offer on TV’s Shark Tank can be an excellent move, has bagged a European sensation in air space advertising.

His Exhibition & Events company, Expo Centric, has partnered up with Kino-Mo to land the largest 3D Hologram imagery to hover in Australia. Hypervsn Hologram Technology is about to create a huge stir.
A magnificent assembly of this larger-than-life light show will headline a new product for their clients Norton by Symantec.

“Finding new solutions to engage at exhibitions is always a challenge,” said Mr. Kruss. However, noticing crowds gathering around the new cutting-edge Hypervsn Hologram Technology at many International fairs, he knew the future had arrived. 

The excitement comes from the hologram floating vividly in mid-air. The products take on 3D life-like forms vibrating with an almost touchable effect.

 “Seeing a client’s marketing message in high-density 3D whirling above the crowds was extraordinary. It was a total attention-grabbing success. We jumped on it immediately to bring it to Australia.”

For such a power-packed device, the Hypervsn is generally an easy set-up.

It’s plug-in, compact and projector-less. Bump in for displays is speedy and streamlined. 

Expo Centric is determined to add a bigger bang at CeBIT by creating a 1.5 meter square hologram by joining nine hologram units together to create one giant image. 

“We love pushing the boundaries of new technology,” said Mr. Kruss.

 “We specialise in new technology that packs impact,” said Mr. Kruss. “Clients who are willing to invest in new technology get noticed at expos.”

Hypervsn is the “Next Big Thing” in the Exhibition, Events & Retail environment. Brands that come onboard early will gain the most benefit.  

The Norton stand will be buzzing at CeBIT with this new super-engaging solution. And Expo Centric is in talks with a number of other clients for other exhibitions and retail rollouts.

Hypervsn Hologram Technology

Super Specs:

·                     High definition visuals

·                     Every angle, any visual, all impact

·                     In-air advertising

·                     Designed to work 24/7 

·                     Up to 5 hours of video content 

·                     Managed remotely, wireless content management 

·                     Easy to use 

·                     Plug and play

(A High Res Version of the image is available)