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ASHES TO DIAMONDS The Algordanza AG (Switzerland) Memorial Diamond

Chapter House Funerals to represent Algordanza in Melbourne, Australia.

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are created solely from the Carbon of a late beloved family member. Carbon is the element of life. 

ALGORDANZA is the Rhaeto-Romanic – a historic Swiss language – word for ‘remembrance’. 

Natural diamonds have been created under vast pressure and enormous heat in the depths of the earth. To create a Memorial Diamond we have to simulate the same conditions. With our own HPHT-machines (High-Pressure-High-Temperature) we are able to do so. From cremated remains or hair we extract the Carbon and grow the most special and unique memorial jewel.

“Algordanza AG is looking forward to having Chapter House onboard representing our company and unique service in Melbourne.  We chose Chapter House to represent the Algordanza Memorial Diamond in the Victoria because we believe Chapter House earned good reputation and credibility in this sensitive field. We share the same values and respect towards the families. We aim to offer families in Australia, trustworthy and reliable partners if they want to create a beautiful memory for generations, a symbol of love. We wish Algordanza Melbourne the very best!" said Rinaldo Willy, CEO & Founder of Algordanza.

"Today, with the increasing change from traditional burial to cremation the memorial diamond is a beautiful way to celebrate life. You may choose to use the diamond as a jewellery piece to wear, displayed or safely secured either way it can remain in your family. Increasing real estate costs have made burial plots unaffordable to some families, this coupled with maintenance of a grave over many years and generations a diamond is an alternative to consider". said Troy Upfield, Founder and Principal of Chapter House. 

"The Memorial Diamond is a unique way to say farewell to a beloved person; an everlasting heirloom passed down over generations. 

We are looking forward to offering a unique service to families and working with Algordanza. With the renowned standards of the Swiss, we know Australian families will value the quality and craftsmanship of their diamond". said Liddy Upfield, COO Chapter House. 


About Chapter House Funerals is a family owned and operated funeral director in Melbourne with offices at 400 High Street, Kew and Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

‘Every life has a story to tell’ is a series of documentaries created by funeral directors Liddy and Troy Upfield. Chapter House does not feel like a traditional funeral home with intention. There are no coffins on display, and nothing to make a family feel that others have been here in their process of grieving and bereavement. Chapter House wanted it to feel like it is their client's space, a place that is safe and that nothing needs to be done in a hurry. Chapter House encourages the community to use their space in Kew for functions such as art exhibitions, information sessions or just to call in and have coffee and tell their story. chapterhouse.com.au 

About Algordanza. We are dedicated to the infinite remembrance of your loved one. The highly complex creation process of a Memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to create something imperishable and equally personal.

The idea to isolate carbon from human cremation ashes and create from this carbon a Memorial Diamond arose in 2003. The following year was filled with investigations on acceptance and technical feasibility. Since 2004, Algordanza has operated as a solid and steadily growing company. We are represented in over 33 countries today. Today you can choose your preferred carbon source for your personal ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond.

Our company is a member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services and commits voluntarily to the standards and ethics of the Swiss, German and Austrian funeral homes. Additionally, we are Member of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS) and the World Organization of Funeral Operatives (FIAT-IFTA).

Sales Manager - Liddy Upfield liddy@algordanza.com 

For more information, hi-res imagery please contact Troy Upfield troyupfield@chapterhouse.com.au or 03 9855 0155

Algordanza, Melbourne Australia 

400 High Street, Kew VIC 3101