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Australian disability information organisation awarded $3.17 million-dollar grant for independent information services

Announcement posted by IDEAS 23 May 2018

23 May 2018. Tumut, Australia. IDEAS, Australia’s most trusted independent information service for people with disability, their families, carers and supporters, were today awarded a $3.17 million-dollar grant for the further delivery of its crucial information support services across Australia.

The funds, awarded through the Information Linkages and Capacity Building arm of the NDIS, will ensure IDEAS can continue its delivery of trusted disability information services via phone, web, SMS and live chat, from the team’s head office in Tumut, NSW.

Diana Palmer, Executive Officer of IDEAS, said the organisation was delighted and relieved to know that they can continue to support people with disabilities with the information that supports independent life choices. Palmer also agreed that grant reflected the importance making multiple communication platforms available, so people can engage how and when they need to.

“For more than 35 years, we have grown to understand our customer needs, wherever they are located, so they can get the help they need from an organisation that provides support, especially in times of uncertain change.  Last year we served more than 900,000 people with their enquiries and we do that from a position of trust in chaotic times,” she said.

Martin Heng, Chair of IDEAS said, “IDEAS, with its remarkable heritage, is an organisation that can look forward to a robust future as the NDIS continues to roll out. Now more than ever, people with disability need independent information and advocacy services to make the right, informed choices.

“IDEAS’ healthy appetite for technological innovation will stand it in good stead as it seeks to extend its service delivery model nationwide.”

IDEAS’ staff have a cumulative total of 170 years of sector experience, and 80 per cent of them either live with disability or have a lived experience of disability.

Ms Palmer added, “Our disability-led organisation thrives in the philosophy of ‘nothing about us without us’. People trust us, simply because we get it, and then we get down to the business of helping people with the information and referral activities they need so that they can get on with life.” ~ENDS
IDEAS’ service is free to anyone who needs it and can be accessed free of charge on
1800 029 904 or at www.ideas.org.au
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