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Blogging Leads to SEO Magic For Small Business

According to Digital Experts, Search Engine Optimisation can be accelerated via blogging for business, if done correctly and not enough small business operators are doing so.

According to The Small Digital Taskforce adopting digital technologies helps small businesses and organizations to access finance, work smarter and enhance the value of the business.

Digital media professional Kirsten Macdonald says “big business knows that the production of in-house news helps to boost their ranking, their social proof and their SEO and SEM. Small business needs access to the tools as well because when done correctly the results can be extraordinary.”

By implementing Digital processes and tools in your business, you have the potential to increase your company’s value significantly. If you are looking to spread your business portfolio, including media processes and solutions could not only be an asset increaser but a money saver and hold the key to positive change.

“The digital space can be overwhelming for many, or they are resource poor which means they are missing out. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple steps available that small businesses can implement to take advantage of the digital space” says Kirsten.

Kirsten’s business Geelong Social Media has reported an overwhelming response to their Unlock the Goods and Blogging workshops, enabling small businesses to walk away with all the knowledge they need to start controlling their digital footprint. “For many, it is about knowing the tools to boost SEO, but also gaining confidence in being able to produce a high-quality piece of content that reflects their key messages and passion in a way that converts into results,” says Kirsten.

For more information about how to implement digital tools and resources into your business contact Geelong Social Media.