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A Revolution in Precision Ag for Livestock with Free Grazing Software Launch

Record keeping, compliance and managing that most precious of assets, grass.

Record keeping, compliance and managing that most precious of assets, grass, is about to become a whole lot easier and cheaper for livestock producers. MaiaGrazingLITE, a new free software program, heralds a revolution in precision ag for livestock and will help raise the bar for the whole grazing industry.

Whilst the MaiaGrazingPRO grazing and livestock management system has been in commercial use since 2015, this is the first time that producers will have access to its base functionality in a free version.

“Offering this functionality at no cost is quite a departure from traditional thinking. However, we  truly believe that the record keeping functions offered by MaiaGrazingLITE should be the standard available to all producers, at no cost, explained Peter Richardson, CEO Maia Technology. We see the greatest value of decision support tools being in the analytic capability that comes with MaiaGrazingPRO and the free version is an easy first step on this journey.”

The response to MaiaGrazingLITE, soft launched on 7th May at Beef Australia, has been exceptional with users from Australia, US, New Zealand and Europe taking up the software. This response demonstrates the global pent-up demand for an affordable, easy to use and reliable grazing management application.

Regardless of the grazing methods adopted on farm, MaiaGrazingLITE is an objective way to record livestock treatments, track mob movements and grazing capacity, and see them on a map. In addition, users can monitor rainfall and pasture use – all for free.

It is hard to make good decisions without good data. The knowledge built up in MaiaGrazing can assist with decisions about livestock purchases or de-stocking in dry periods as well as simply bringing together all the information needed for compliance when completing documents like National Vendor Declarations or Biosecurity Plans.   

Ross Coghill is the Overseer at Romani Pastoral Company's Warrah Station, a 1500 cow breeding operation at Quirindi in northern NSW and has been using MaiaGrazing for over 12 months. “MaiaGrazingLITE functionality gives me a straightforward way of tracking pasture utilisation and monitoring what we take out of a paddock plus the residual we leave behind, said Ross. 

“I am excited about the new record keeping component because it provides a single place to record a variety of livestock and pasture activities, together with rainfall events, without leaving the paddock. MaiaGrazing makes my record keeping and reporting much more efficient. I no longer need worry about losing a notebook or it going through the wash! Knowing that all the data is secure in the cloud brings peace of mind,” 

Importantly, subscribers can use MaiaGrazingLITE on an ongoing basis, scaled to the size of their enterprise, without incurring a cost.  

 “We understand that livestock producers are on a journey in terms of how they manage their grazing resources, explained Peter Richardson. MaiaGrazingPRO clients make use of the more sophisticated analytic and forecasting tools, whilst MaiaGrazingLITE caters to those who simply want a way to manage their record keeping and compliance requirements. With the release of MaiaGrazingLITE we now cater to everyone along this path.”

Co-funded by the MLA Donor Company (MDC), MaiaGrazingLITE is designed to enable all livestock producers to adopt tools that will support their decision making and enhance profitability and sustainability.

Peter Richardson concluded, “We are very pleased that MDC co-funded the development of MaiaGrazingLITE. It furthers our mission to give all livestock producers the data to allow them to obtain the best possible production outcomes, without degrading their land.”


Further information is available at MaiaGrazing’ s website: http://maiatechnology.com.au/