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Innovative Aussies Fight Mosquitoes on US Soil

As mosquito season hits across our states, Australia innovators have come to the rescue with a protective cream set to help save skin from disease spreading mosquitoes.

According to new reports from CDC, more than 75% of the US could be swarmed by mosquitos this season. Rainfall along with warmer weather directly correlates with mosquito outbreaks. Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, and the West Nile Virus have been the fear of many over the last 2 years and the Aussie product could not come at a better time.

Australian company Vanilla Mozi developed the bug repellant over 13 years ago in a bid to fight off notorious Aussie Mosquitoes. The journey has lead to global success with people in the most mosquito-ridden countries reporting success. The popular protector works as a repellent and a barrier cream- a formidable multilayered formula which is beating the fight against bugs.

So why is it so innovative? Vanilla Mozi is completely natural. Made from all natural ingredients, the bug repellant is a powerful alternative to toxic chemicals and overpowering scents with hidden dangers. In fact, it was the idea of safely protecting children and pregnant women that inspired its inventor Lea-Anne Crawford to make the impressive recipe.

Australia is no stranger to biting bugs and wild critters, Vanilla Mozi has been selling out for over a decade to Aussies and adventurers all over the globe.  Spokesperson Dave Crawford says “We are so are excited to be bringing this skin safe repellant to the USA. When American visitors come over they stock up on Vanilla Mozi, and customers have been repeatedly asking us to bring it over. The time has come, we are on our way!”

The product will be available in the USA by mid June.

For information go to: https://www.vanillamozi.com