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An Instant, Nutritious, Warm Hug in a Cup.

Broth & Co was founded by husband and wife duo providing a ready to consume nutritious liquid super food as used by our ancestors.

  • Combining 25+ years of experience, Peter a fitness trainer and fitness studio owner and wife Nellie a pharmacist they have created quality, energizing, natural bone broths and foods with function
  • Bone Broth was once lauded as an elixir by our ancestors providing healing and nourishment.
  • 100% Australian, All Natural, Gluten Free, No Added Salt, No Added Flavours or Preservatives, No Added Yeast, Shelf Stable.
Broth and Co's excellence in the natural health space is evidenced by its commitment to the highest quality natural food products with an emphasis on the cleanest sourcing of the healthiest ingredients possible, ensuring the final bone broth is as pure and tasty as you would make at home, full of minerals, gelatin, collagen and amino acids. 
“Our bone broths are authentic and made with Australian grass fed beef & free range chicken bones, made the traditional way and simmered for 24 hours.”
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C
So what is bone broth? 
An Ancient Superfood you should be drinking every day.
This nutritious easy to consume liquid can give you energy and motivation, help you sleep, and make your skin glow. 
Bones and connective tissue contain essential and non essential amino acids, glucosamine, collagen as well as minerals for gut, skin, joint, and bone health. 
As a society we no longer eat these parts of the animal, we tend to eat the lean muscle meat so consuming bone broth can help provide nutrients otherwise missed.
How to use Bone Broth?
Bone Broth can be used as a hot beverage jazzed up with some sea salt and a squeeze of lemon or your favourite herbs and spices. We recommend it as morning drink to energise and keep you full until lunch time. Cooking with Bone Broth to improve the nutritional value and flavour of your favourite dishes such as soups and stew, risottos, stir fries and your favourite dishes.
Our powder bone broths can also be added to smoothies, after dissolving in a little hot water first. Beetroot bone broth is great for that energy boost to help you train harder and run faster and mushroom bone broth is perfect for those cold winter days.
For media enquiries contact: 
Nellie Procopiou 
Phone# 0417001050 
Email: brothandco@gmail.com