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School Sports Science Initiative Set to Launch in Geelong

According to AusSport 40% of secondary school aged children did not participate in an organised sport in the last 12 months. It is a worrying trend and one Geelong cycling advocate wants to change it.

Chris Ball, a Victorian businessman and cycling-centric maestro knows how sport can transform your life. The avid cycling enthusiast has dedicated his life to sports science and is an innovator in the sports-tech arena. His studio Crank and Grind is set to transform and encourage kids to get active and educated in its new Sport for School Initiative.

The state of the art studio features Victoria’s only Sufferfest embassy, a Cinema style cycle theatre with immersive tech that has the rider cycling the Tour De France or racing friends around the streets of Geelong.  A Functional gym alongside the new Yoga space with an Aussie first program set to inspire adds to the flavor of this multi-faceted fitness studio. The Yoga for Cyclists Programme is a fully integrated program for cyclists and features pre and post-workout yoga sessions to target your Core, Flexibility, Posture, Recovery, and Breathing. Hosted virtually by global Yoga sensation Abi Carver, the new edition is an exciting feature.

“We recognize the need for a multi-dimensional approach to sport and have created this sports-in-schools initiative to give local schools a chance with their kids to have fun with an engaging, fun and interactive sports experience,” says Chris.

“With a gamification edge to the Cycle Theatre- students get the chance to measure and quantify what they are seeing and experiencing while enjoying a fun atmosphere that is high energy and the stuff elite coaches and athletes live for. It is layered education approach, and kids get a chance to get fit!"

The Cycling Australia project manager holds a degree in Sports Management and Human Movement and has pushed peddles alongside some of the world’s most brilliant athletes and has witnessed some world class cycling.

“We really want the local schools to get on board, bring their classes along and get the kids moving and thinking about sport differently. We would love to see a more inclusive and positive sports culture, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Geelong set the gold standard?”

For more information about the Crank and Grind School Initiative go to http://crankandgrind.com.au/schools/