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Truedek Panels used in Railway Station Pedestrian Ramp & Forecourt Project


Truedek Steel Decking has been used at the Bayswater Railway Crossing Removal project that included a concrete access ramp and upgraded forecourt areas. Melbourne company, Speedpro Industries was given the concrete package for the station build and pedestrian ramps to the upper level station entry through a contract with Hutchinson Builders, working under the Fulton Hogan Laing O’Rourke alliance. The site was completely redesigned with road and pedestrian access to the railway station, including a large adjoining car park area and walkways to and from the station entrance.

Bayswater Railway Station had two level crossings that had been a major traffic problem for years, so the Victorian Level Crossing Removal Authority made the decision to redevelop the entire station precinct to build tunnels under the rail line at either end. The main focus for the project was minimal disruption to both traffic flow and the rail network.

When confronted with the tricky problem of building a concrete walkway 40 metres long, up to 5.6 metres wide and on a gradient with no propping access on the lower end, finding a product that would do the job was a challenge.

Truedek Steel Decking was chosen because of the limited access and the advantage of not having to rig up support props underneath and proved to be an ideal ‘set and forget’ solution. The access ramp and forecourt areas, a total of 346 sq m required two slab thicknesses, so Truedek® TD90mm panels were used for the 200mm slab areas and TD 110mm panels for the 250mm areas.

Timing was also a major consideration, so the speed of installing the Truedek® panels was another advantage and allowed quicker access of trades and services to those areas on the site.

Truedek Steel Decking Solutions is a permanent concrete formwork steel decking system that is achieving an impressive track record. It has seen rapid growth in the building and construction sectors, and has been widely used on a variety of building projects. Truedek® is an excellent choice for concrete frame buildings, steel frame buildings, large floor-to-ceiling heights, infill slabs for lift shafts and limited-access areas. The underside design of the system is also an advantage providing a flat soffit for painting, cladding or attaching utilities. Alternately it can be left as is, providing a clean galvanised surface.

Initially developed by OneSteel Reinforcing and the University of Western Sydney as Trussdek II, the system was renamed Truedek® and is now owned and manufactured by Premier Steel Technologies Pty Ltd at Wetherill Park in Sydney and distributed nationally.

To view other Case Studies, engineering information, or to download the installation guide, more information on suspended slab formwork, metal decking suppliers, steel formwork and more, visit the Truedek® website, www.truedek.com.au  or contact Premier Steel Technologies Pty Ltd on (02) 9756 0602 or via email on  enquiry@truedek.com.au