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Elcom announces cloud subscription revenue growth in excess of 325%

Elcom achieves strong results by delivering solutions for businesses to streamline operations and grow in competitive industries

Elcom Technology (Elcom), a leading Digital Engagement and Digital Transformation Platform, today announced the results of an exceptionally successful financial year ended June 2018.

John Anstey, CEO and Founder explains, “the huge growth in cloud subscription revenue of over 325%, confirms Elcom product offerings are delivering the necessary solutions for businesses to streamline operations and grow in competitive industries across the globe.”

Elcom’s modular Digital Transformation Platform and its library of connectors and APIs has been utilised to deliver real-time information to enhance the digital experience of its users from Elcom’s technology partners, expert services providers and other vendors such as Salesforce, Instructure’s Canvas, Microsoft Sharepoint, Office 365, OKTA, Marketo, Ephox, Synergetic, StudentNet, and others.

This past year, Elcom has seen a significant increase in interest for new digital workplace and portal solutions, as organisations look to achieve growth and remain competitive by increasing efficiency and overall productivity. This is reinforced from research by Deloitte suggesting “companies will manage growth opportunities by automating processes and augmenting their workforce with technology rather than hiring.” The research acknowledges that the scale of investment and change in existing capabilities required has been a barrier for adopting new technology for private organisations. Not surprisingly, providers like Elcom, who offer both on-premise and subscription based solutions, are in high demand.

John continues, “Elcom's success in this competitive market stems not only from our solid product offering, but also our dedicated team providing expert services to ensure the solutions truly meet and evolve with our clients’ needs. We look forward to continuing our growth as a leading provider of Digital Employee Engagement and Customer Engagement Solutions.”

About Elcom

Elcom is a leading Digital Engagement and Digital Transformation Platform with out-of-the-box functionality to deliver secure Portals, Intranets, Digital Workplaces, Websites, Business Process Automation, Digitisation, as well as Learning Management Solutions.

Founded in 1996, Elcom is the longest established and founder owned Web Content Management Vendor on the Microsoft platform in the Asia Pacific region.