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Forget The Old Method Of Investing. Start Rentvesting!


For immediate release - 12 July 2018

Forget The Old Method Of Investing. Start Rentvesting!

For years aspiring property investors and first home buyers have been rentvesting to get into difficult markets like Sydney. Typically, they use it as a way to maintain their lifestyle while reaping the rewards of using property as an investment vehicle - now experts on the podcast Property Investory are teaching listeners how they can do it too.

So what is rentvesting and how can you use it? The idea is you rent out one property in an area you want to live in while investing in another property within an area you can afford. Opposed to the old alternative of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars as you spend 25-30 years paying off a pricey mortgage, rentvesting sounds like a good strategy.

Scott O’Neill, director of Rethink Investing and guest on Property Investory, says that the traditional home ownership model is outdated.

‘The idea of living a life a little bit different to what you’re being told to live - to get a degree, go work full time and then work until you’re 60 and hopefully you've got enough in retirement to live a happy life,’ he says. ‘That model is broken and it has been for a long time. Rentvesting is a way out of that old model.’

Peter Mastroianni, host of Rentvesting podcast and property investment finance expert at Loans Only, agrees. The rentvesting expert says the benefits of rentvesting are plentiful. ‘You’re not limited to a specific area in the hope of eventually buying your own home, you can claim tax benefits and the income you earn from your investment property takes care of your expenses,’ he says.’

Meanwhile Jane Slack Smith, CEO of Your Property Success, is a prime example of how rentvesting can work for you: ‘We were rentvestors for 10 years,’ she says. ‘We had a little unit on Bondi Beach, we moved in there in the winter when no one wanted to rent and did a 3 month renovation and enjoyed that, then moved out and rented ourselves.’

The best part is building your wealth rather than drowning in debt. ‘It gives you a lot of flexibility and provides a lot of lifestyle benefits,’ Mastroianni says. ‘And also it's a great way to generate real wealth in your life.’

To find more information about strategies such as rentvesting, visit www.propertyinvestory.com.

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