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LOGICAcmg masters the utilities sector

Launches Australian developed Master Control v4

LogicaCMG today announced the release of its latest Real Time SCADA Master Station product offering - Master Control Version 4. Designed to provide Real Time Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) specifically for the Utilities sector, Master Control v4 will reduce the cost of developing new systems and the cost of adding new telemetry sites.
Master Control V4 has been completely researched and designed in Australia, with LogicaCMG offices around the world already attracting expressions of interest from their customers.
Master Control V4 is built upon LogicaCMG's successful real time database management system, MOSAIC, and features a new schematic editor and a new Excel based bulk database loading tool.
"This is seen as a key benefit to end users since many utilities are significantly increasing their SCADA networks by adding new sites and thus bringing additional data into their centralised control centres," said Malcolm Risby, Managing Director Business Solutions, LogicaCMG.
"Schematic and database building that used to take days can now be performed in a matter of hours with data verification being performed before the data is loaded into the real time database.
"The release of Master Control v4 gives our customers a system that has been designed specifically to support real time distribution of telemetry data across large geographic areas. It provides a high availability, open and scaleable architecture to meet the demanding 24 x 7, 365 days a year operational requirements of the Utilities sector," said Risby.
The enhanced User Interface provides a familiar Windows 'look and feel' and allows standard sorting and filtering of the display of data that can be extracted from the real time and historical databases, as well as third-party databases (such as asset management or GIS, etc.).
A new schematic viewer is provided that not only supports typical SCADA functions, such as real time updates of dynamic information, but typical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) functions such as panning, zooming, decluttering and support for truly scalable objects. An intuitive symbol based drawing editor is provided that allows both import and export of drawings in AutoCAD, Visio and many GIS formats. Advanced animation functionality is provided including gradient fills, polygon fills and rotation.
This feature has been a big hit with customers who have tested the beta release, including Melbourne Water Corporation.
Andrew Wilson, (enter title), Melbourne Water Corporation said. "The native Windows schematic viewer provides new zoom functionality which will greatly assist MWC's remote users of the SCADA system. It will allow us to view information in closer detail than ever before,"
"We look forward to having the full version of Master Control v4 rolled out by the end of quarter one". Wilson concluded.
A comprehensive schematic management system that incorporates separate production and development environments, version control and online deployment is also provided. This allows new schematics to be developed 'offline' and deployed into the production system in a safe and controlled manner.
Master Control v4 runs on off the shelf hardware and operating systems. The back-end server applications can be run on either Microsoft Windows or a variety of Unix platforms. The front-end User Interface and schematics server run on Microsoft Windows platforms. A Linux version is expected to be available in mid 2004.
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