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Develop Effective WeChat Marketing Strategy with Star China

Australian marketing company Star China is using WeChat, Weibo and other social media to target Chinese customers in Australia. They have successfully used social media platforms to localise the content into Chinese. Instagram, Tiktok and Little Red Book are extremely popular with the young Chinese community.

There are over one million Chinese living in Australia, and 1.39 billion people living in mainland China. Melbourne and Sydney have the largest concentration of the Chinese population. With comprehensive advertising strategy, the agency believes there are opportunities for Australian business to grow their Chinese customer base.

WeChat and Weibo are the most talked about Chinese social media platforms. China's most popular social media app WeChat has over 1 billion monthly users. Weibo is a social networking platform by which users can either share your ideas with your friends or promote their business to customers. 

Both these platforms are easily the most feasible advertising option for small and medium brands. Star China can guide its clients pick the right media accounts on WeChat and work out the strategy to market the product. It is not simply enough to register a WeChat official account. In order to manage the account there needs consistent effort.

Star China can also help Australian brands setup, manage and advertise Weibo accounts. Brands can try official sponsored ads such as Fanstalk or Fanstop to increase the brand exposure. If brands solely rely on posting every day to get traffic, it’s really hard to attract new followers. Sometimes, they must combine the use of carefully planned marketing campaign and Weibo sponsored ads to get the best performance.    

Shopping and review social app the Little Red Book for foreign products is extremely popular with the Chinese community. It also has an eCommerce platform that allows users to directly purchase products from the app. With over 17 million registered users, it talks about all things beauty, fashion and apparel. Companies that would like to invite the KOL on Little Red Book to advertise products and write testimonials, Star China marketing consultants can help.

Star China can be contacted on 1300 660 268 or info@starchina.com.au.

For more information on Wechat advertising, Chinese advertising, Wechat campaign and other services from Star China, visit https://starchina.com.au/