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The award winning Reo Group elevates human potential through innovative ‘Elevate a nation’ launch

Industry leader Reo Group have carved out an impressive niche over the past 8 years as a boutique recruitment agency in the financial sector. As finance executives, they help to ensure finance professionals are placed in their best roles, and companies receive quality candidates that add value to their organisation. Their dedication towards the sector has ensured their unique methodology in business transformation has no peer.


In July 2018, the company took their hands-on approach to the next level by launching their ‘Elevate a nation’ campaign. For every candidate Reo Group places, they will provide 50 days of technology education to children in remote Australian communities. Reo Group estimates that by 2021, they will have been able to provide 50,000 days of education to underprivileged children in Australia.


Reo Group Co-Founder and CEO, Stella Petrou Concha, says “Only 24% of children in remote communities of Australia have access to a school that goes to year 10. By the age of 15, only 29% of them meet the national minimum reading standard. Without a formal education, corporate Australia simply can’t consider them for corporate jobs. This initiative has the power to lift not only underprivileged children but also those who help make it happen”.


For more information about Reo Group and their ‘Elevate a nation’ initiative, please visit: www.reogroup.com


View Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s0O7kh8qEw