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Premier Steel Technologies and Truedek – a winning combination

TRUEDEK is a purpose-designed permanent formwork and reinforcement system that is superior to typical metal decking systems. Contact Premier Steel Technologies, trusted metal decking suppliers, or visit their website to order steel formwork today.


Premier Steel Technologies is a custom rollforming company based in Wetherill Park in Sydney. With over 40 years experience manufacturing a wide variety of rollformed products, as well as building specialised machinery for a range of clients, Premier Steel provides comprehensive rollforming solutions for each customers specific profiles.

Premier Steel can manufacture a company’s entire rollformed product range in multiple length and width variations and can include pre and post punching operations They can offer long term product supply or short run/seasonal production runs as a sub-contract manufacturer and have vast experience in manufacturing a wide range of metals, including all mild steel, Galvabond, Zincalume, Colorbond and Hi-tensile metals. 

Initially specialising in light gauge materials, Premier now have larger machines that have the capacity to manufacture profiles up to 4mm thick material and also have in-house tooling design and manufacturing capabilities. They have worked closely with a prestigious list of clients to develop an extensive range of custom profiles with a focus on quality and accuracy that have established them as leaders in rollforming manufacturing.

The range of products has included products for the steel house frames industry, above-ground pools, pallet racking, shelving, roofing and fencing, roadside barrier posts, suspended ceiling profiles, materials handling and many more. 

One such product is Truedek Steel Decking. With the spanning and strength limitations of steel decking system available, OneSteel Reinforcing in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney set about to design a new decking product, that had the capability of spanning over 7 metres, previously unheard of in the industry. In the final stages of design in 2004, they approached Premier Steel and with some manufacturing modifications, began producing a revolutionary new steel decking system, called Trussdek II. The four rollformed profiles were assembled in a trapezoid shape to form panels, which were interlocked together to form a robust construction platform as a permanent concrete formwork - which, even in its formwork stage was strong enough to achieve a 5kPA load rating.

As well as being much safer to work on, the panels were fast to assemble, greatly speeding up the construction cycle. In most instances some of the structural and reinforcing steel was able to be reduced resulting in significant savings and the further benefit of reduced time and labour having to prop up the formwork proved that this new design steel decking was a winner.

Since that time, the product was renamed Truedek and is now exclusively owned and distributed by Premier Steel Technologies. Truedek is different from any other decking system on the market, with a unique range of benefits that suit specific building and structural requirements. Available in four different panel heights to suit different slab thicknesses, it is manufactured in exact lengths to suit each project, so there is no waste and double handling.

For more information about Truedek, suspended slab, metal decking, steel formwork, visit www.truedek.com.au.  To discuss a rollforming product, contact Premier Steel on (02) 9756 0602 or email  info@pstech.com.au