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Alex Aslan is Sydney’s newest hospitality mogul thanks to ALEX&Co.

Alex Aslan has injected exceptional food, a great vibe, and mouth-watering cocktails into Sydney’s Western Suburbs, but the journey to starting Parramatta’s ALEX&Co. wasn’t an easy one.

Growing up in Parramatta gave Aslan unique insight into his clientele before even securing funding.

I grew up in the west, even though Im living primarily in the East, Parramatta is an area I know well, the culture and its habits,said Aslan.

It’s this culture that Aslan wanted to harness and expand upon. After spending time in huge metropolises from Mykonos to London and New York, Aslan knew he wanted to create a hub of food and nightlife; making going out in Australia an adventure like in these great cities. He used every moment of his time to get ideas, even during dates.

Id been kicked out of a restaurant in New York for taking too many photos of the venue. I even used to take notes when on dates! I knew if the date didnt work out, at least I would have the ideas!

Aslan had the inspiration, the motivation and even the menu planned. The only problem was: He didn’t have the funding.


My biggest challenge was getting the finance. No bank wants to touch a business when its a first for someone. It was my first venue, and Id approached friends, family, and banks until finally got the green light

With money in the bank, Aslan collated all his inspiration and got to work creating his dream food and entertainment venue; ALEX&Co The stunning breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail venue has a spacious feel with a captivating open kitchen, and when entering the doors it’s no wonder Alex & Co. is one of Sydney’s favourite venues for a great night out.

In late August, ALEX&Co is planning it’s one-year anniversary and Aslan couldn’t be more proud. The journey to success has taught Aslan countless lessons, particularly about business. His greatest piece of advice to other entrepreneurs is to study the industry they’re in before launching.

Business is a game. Its not easy and its inevitable youll come across challenges that will test you. If youre determined and know what you want, you'll eventually get it.


With impressive reviews and countless regulars, this clever open-plan venue has cemented itself into the Sydney culinary scene, and at the head of Aslan Hospitality Group, all eyes are on Alex Aslan to see his next move.