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Precision AutoWerk Fixes Newer Models Too

In order to compete in the burgeoning international market, cars are being released with extraordinary features, such as gesture control, where phone calls can be answered and ended with a wave of the hand, and the volume of music can be controlled with a slow twirl of a finger, or powered doors and tailgates, so you can shop to your heart’s content and not have to worry about putting down all the bags to open the boot before loading it all in.

There are also more obviously useful features, such as thermal night vision, so you can drive more safely at night, but others such as music streaming and heated armrests which are clearly novelty features for those who want to maximize their time living the good life—and why not? Nowadays, cars are more than just a means to an end. They still take us from point A to B, but they also have the power to portray parts of our personalities through design and added features.

The only problem with fancy cars is it can be tricky to find a reliable repairing company if you need a small or large problem fixed. Luckily for car enthusiasts living in Auckland, Precision AutoWerk is in town. Precision AutoWerk is New Zealand’s sole recognized repairer of Ferrari, Maserati and Nissan R35 GTR. They import legitimate parts and use repair techniques that are approved by the European brands they represent, to fix cars so they are good as new. For Volkswagen repairs and more, this the go-to spot for hundreds of locals.

If you drive a luxury vehicle car, don’t waste your time or money trusting anyone other than a reputable European car repairing company. Call Precision AutoWerk today for a consultation and quote, or visit them in person at their newly upgraded Glenfield garage.