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Perth Auto Wreckers has the Edge over all Competitors in the Car Wrecking Industry

If you want to sell your car in Perth, your best bet is Perth Auto Wreckers!

It is with great pride that PerthAutoWreckers announce a stunning year of business. We have a booming market share, and profits are through the roof. We have multiple locations and as a result our auto recycling activities have improved in leaps and bounds.

We don’t only wreck vehicles. We are very active in the second hand part dealing industry as well. We sell the highest quality parts in town, and it is all due to our superior skills and incredible levels of expertise. If you can’t find a particular automobile part at one of our competitor’s outlets, you are guaranteed to be able to find it at Perth Auto Wreckers. Whether you are hunting for a replacement tyre, panel, gear box, engine or battery, Perth Auto Wreckers will have you covered.

The main services that the leading cash for car service of Perth, WA offers include paying top cash for used, unwanted and broken down automobiles. We perform a free removal service after we buy the car, and then we recycle the vehicle completely. And we do it with a level of precision, reliability and expertise that you just don’t find much of in the auto recycling industry these days.

Some may be thinking that we are doing this only because we are paying less money for the vehicles we buy. But this is a fallacy. In fact, Perth Auto Wreckers are the leading champions of paying the most money that any automobiles can possibly be valued at, depending on its make, model, age and condition.

Most, if not all cash for cars companies have a cutoff point when it comes to the maximum amount they pay, and it is usually at around $5K. Perth Auto Wreckers go above and beyond that number, arriving at the supreme amount of $10K as our maximum payment.

This is how Perth Auto Wreckers has absolutely dominated in the race to see who can become the top auto wrecking company of Perth. By caring more about our customers and dedicating our efforts to providing the most exceptional services possible. One important aspect to be aware of is “convenience.” If the customer has an experience selling their vehicle that is as stress free and empty of hassle or concerns, you have succeeded as a business.

Perth Auto Wreckers’ dedication to fostering high levels of customer satisfaction can be seen in our insistence on providing free removal. We don’t have to do this. We could just remove the car after paying less money in order to make up the cost. Or we could make it a requirement for the customer to arrange for the removal themselves before the payment takes place. But Perth Auto Wreckers care. We want anyone who is selling their car to us to get the best cash boost that they can possibly get, and providing free removal certainly helps.

In conclusion, we have excelled in our mission to out-do all our previous successes.