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Summer Mama Says Natural is Best

Summertime is a joy for many Americans, but it can also present hazards in the form of insect bites, particularly mosquitos with a rampant Virus season this year.

According to Statistica in their report Most Deadly Creatures Worldwide by Annual Number of Human deaths as of 2018- the number one killer is mosquitos.

The fear for many is that while natural mosquito repellent might sound good, it may not be effective. This idea is incorrect says Lea-Anne Crawford, CEO, and scientist behind Australian company Vanilla Mozi.

As Zika Virus and the threat of vector spreading disease sweeps the USA, Lea-Anne Crawford and her team from Vanilla Mozi have worked tirelessly for months to get the innovative cream to our shores, which is now selling across all states.

“There has been this idea that natural sounds pretty but isn’t overly effective, however, this is not the case, says Lea-Anne. “Russian officials recently sprayed Vanillin all around the area at this year's World Cup to repel mosquitoes and gnats. Vanillin is one of the key ingredients to our complex formulation. It is complex, but it is completely natural and non-toxic.”

The innovative company goes from strength to strength with their recent marketing campaign focussing on the power of Mother Nature and the chemicals occurring in nature, and how they can be used for protection and nourishment in the right way. The products are made in a sustainable industrial village and follow a strict ethical protocol as well as a passionate online following of mothers and outdoor adventurers.

“We created it for parents and children, but have been delighted with the hard following of adventurers, sports athletes, the boating community and equestrian enthusiasts,” says Lea-Anne, otherwise known to her followers as the Summer Mama. Feedback and reviews online rave loudly about the luxe skin cream, and the soy wax candle echoes this success.

Customers from Brazil to Cambodia to Finland and the Australian outback have been passionate users of the cream for well over 13 years. Now based in the United States, the company is excited by the opportunity given in Sisters, Oregon to natural combat insects and disease.

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