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29% of Australian workers surveyed don't carry first aid kits in their work vehicle

Workplace First Aid Kit Week


Brenniston launches week-long initiative urging Australian businesses to

create safer work environments.


Brenniston, a family-owned Australian business, is dedicated to making workplaces safer. To help bring this into focus for all Australian businesses, Brenniston is launching Workplace First Aid Kit Week. The initiative will run from 3-9 September, with the aim of ensuring businesses are aware that a suitable, up-to-date first aid kit can improve or even turn around the potentially tragic outcome of a workplace accident.


The week-long drive will help employers comply with WHS regulations and highlight the importance of regularly checking workplace first aid kits to avoid carrying expired, damaged or empty products.


To support the insights of its Customer Care team, and to further highlight the need for greater awareness around the importance of first aid kits in workplace safety, Brenniston undertook its own National Workplace Safety Survey. Recently finalising the statistics, there are some staggering markers surrounding the need for workplaces to focus more heavily on workplace first aid and safety.


Of 300+ respondents surveyed across Australia:


·       45% knew of an injury at their workplace in the past 12 months

·       33% thought first aid kits would improve safety at their workplace

·       31% were unsure whether their workplace required a first aider

·       29% didn’t carry a first aid kit in their work vehicle 

·       19% were unaware that first aid supplies have an expiry date

·       15% were unsure who was the first aider at their workplace


Pia Abrahams, Creative Director of Brenniston says, “Brenniston’s aim is to make Australian workplaces the safest in the world. The stats around workplace first aid and accidents need to be drastically improved, so we’ve initiated a week for workplaces to focus on the importance of first aid kits.”


Australian law requires every Australian worker to have access to a first aid kit, including transport workers and mobile employees who require a first aid kit in their work vehicle. Brenniston, through its Workplace First Aid Kit Week, will help employers comply with regulations by helping them select the right first aid kit or re-stock depleted supplies throughout the first week in September.


“A workplace first aid kit is the simplest, easiest way to begin creating a safe work environment, no matter how low or high the workplace risks,” says Pia Abrahams.