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A coworking startup that literally pays its members to collaborate

Melbourne, Australia - CoWork Me in St Kilda was officially launched last week and already has over 120 members ranging from solopreneur and start-ups to a multinational beer brand.


General Manager Rob Materia believes that part of the startup's success is due to their unique Members Incentive Program, which offers financial incentives to members that use the services of fellow members.


The program works by giving each member a cash dollar credit to the value of up to one month’s membership. This credit can only be spent on the services of other businesses in the building.


“We’re helping remove budget constraints faced by many small businesses when the need arises to use a service to help grow their business. says General Manager Rob Materia.

The Members Incentive Program helps create an environment for each member to help grow their customer base, as each member that signs up knows that every other person in the space has a cash credit to potentially spend with them.”


Edem Badu, the creative director of Studio Badu and one of CoWork Me’s first members mentions how her business has boomed since joining the space.


“ Making the step from home office to my own professional business space was something I didn’t take lightly, but I now wish I did it sooner” My business has grown, I’m much more focused on business success and it has also assisted with making Studio Badu a more attractive employer.”


CoWork Me is St Kilda’s largest architecturally designed coworking space that combines 5-star amenities and a beachside lifestyle. Memberships start at $68 a week.


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CoWork me is a dedicated coworking hub in St Kilda designed to spark ideas, create connections, and make (work) life better.


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