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Australia’s first online marketplace for self-directed support, Better Caring, rebrands as Mable to reflect innovative approach

The new name is inspired by the first person expression of what people using the platform are able to achieve; "I'm Able to..."

Founded by Peter Scutt and Tony Charara in 2014, Better Caring has worked towards improving the lives of consumers and support workers by revolutionising the way community support is accessed in Australia by helping clients who are ageing or have a disability connect with independent support workers in their local area. 


Scutt, co-founder and CEO of Mable said feedback from the Better Caring community drove the decision to rebrand: “Since the beginnings of Better Caring, we’ve been hearing from those in our community who have said our previous name made us so    und like a traditional care provider rather than a bold innovator. And many people in our community didn’t need care, rather they wanted support to live independently and be included. To speak to both the aged care and disability sectors and to move away from the notion of ‘care’, we wanted a name that captured what we really are – a support platform for everyone.”


“We enable people from diverse communities to come together, while recognising that everyone is an individual with their own support needs and preferences. We place aged care and disability support workers and consumers at the centre and empower both parties by giving them choice and control,” said Scutt.


Speaking about the new name and brand platform, Alex Boardman, Marketing and Communications Manager said: “Both were inspired by the expression of what someone is able to do through the platform. For example, a client on our platform might say ‘With Mable, I’m able to continue living independently in my own home and remain connected with my community’.” 


“We set out with a few goals, but primarily we wanted a memorable and simple name, but also one that also felt familiar and warm. It’s a natural evolution of our brand, without stepping away from the core of what we are; a people platform. The logo launched alongside Mable is designed in the shape of the letter ‘M’ and represents people side by side, who are equal, connected by a continuous, endless loop which signifies the possibilities that come with connecting via Mable,” said Boardman. 


“We recognise that rebranding is a bold step. By connecting people directly, Mable is redefining support for disability and aged care in Australia, and we think that’s pretty bold too,” said Scutt.


Consumers join Mable’s safeguarded online marketplace for free and decide which services to purchase from whom, when and at what price, and in doing so, create a self-directed support journey.


Charara said of the two sectors: “We are seeing significant disruption in the aged care and disability sectors in the wake of regulatory reforms under Consumer Directed Care and the NDIS. Mable is a technology solution that puts clients in the driver’s seat and returns freedom of choice to those seeking support, while traditional providers are still scrambling to determine their role in this new consumer led market.”


Over 50,000 Australians have signed up either as an independent aged care or disability support worker, client or support coordinator since the business was founded. 


Mable facilitates care and support connections through innovative online matching technologies and will be adopting the functionalities of Better Caring, including a messaging system for users, automatic payment processes and flexible rates agreed with each independent support worker.


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Alex Boardman – Marketing and Communications Manager

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About Mable

Mable, formerly Better Caring, is a safeguarded online peer-to-peer marketplace directly connecting consumers with local, independent support workers. The company is backed by Ellerston Capital and Scaleup Mediafund. Launched in 2014, Mable was the first social platform of its kind in Australia, allowing consumers to search and directly engage support workers based on criteria important to them. The Mable platform has revolutionised the Australian support system, and given independent workers the freedom to choose their clients and manage their time and rates. The concept came from a family experience of one of its founders, Peter Scutt, who struggled to find the right support for his ageing parents who were determined to remain living at home. Over 50,000 people have signed up to the platform, which attributes its growth to placing consumers and workers at the centre of the market and meeting the needs of an increasingly consumer-directed aged care and disability support marketplace.