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emt Distribution Signs VMRay Malware Analysis Solution to Deepen Partners’ Capabilities to Evaluate the Cyber Threat Landscape

Exclusive agreement targets the increasing number of channel partners taking their cyber security practices to the next level, says emt Distribution

Adelaide, Australia – 11 September 2018: Cyber security software specialist, emt Distribution today announced an exclusive Australia and New Zealand distribution agreement with malware analysis solutions provider, VMRay.
High profile cyber attacks such as the PageUp breach put a focus on understanding what files are submitted to organisations and their potential threat. While antivirus solutions can scan for known bad and known good files, this approach is far from perfect. VMRay provides both on-premises and cloud-based dynamic file analysis solutions that organisations can use to quickly and efficiently determine if unknown files are potentially malicious or not.
“Our partnership with emt Distribution allows VMRay to better achieve its mission to help both private enterprises and governments protect themselves against the growing global malware threat,” said Dr Carsten Willems, Co-Founder of VMRay. “With emt Distribution we can work with an extensive network of partners in Australia and New Zealand to reach those organisations.”
“For the increasing number of channel partners who have taken their cyber security practice to the next level, VMRay provides the perfect platform to offer customers an extra layer of security,” said Scott Hagenus, CMO for emt Distribution. “For channel partners with expertise in traditional cyber security methods, VMRay lets them branch out and offer a more sophisticated, deeper-level analysis of the threat landscape.”
Job application sites are a perfect use case for file analysis, as are industries like insurance, financial institutions, government agencies, libraries and archives, and defence. “Any organisation dealing with sensitive data or IP that introduces files to their network should invest in cyber defence capabilities to evaluate their safety,” said Hagenus.
The new distribution agreement is strategic for emt Distribution. VMRay’s malware analysis solutions integrate with other cyber security solutions in emt’s portfolio like OPSWAT and ThreatConnect, helping to build a complete ecosystem of advanced threat protection, analysis, detection, orchestration and response.
Results from VMRay Analyzer can be ingested by the ThreatConnect threat intelligence platform, for example, to automate an organisation’s response. Analysts can even view the threat level of a file while it is being analysed to decrease the response time to a given threat. VMRay also incorporates static analysis via integration with OPSWAT’s threat detection and prevention platform, and includes its own file reputation engine to speed up the process of weeding out known good and bad files from the unknown.
In the past, file analysis typically dwelt in the realm of expert malware analysts and the process to determine what files could actually do was time consuming, said Hagenus. “While there are now a number of solutions on the market to speed up this process and make analysts lives easier, few have the VMRay’s technical capability and ease of use.”
VMRay Analyzer’s agentless approach to dynamic sandbox analysis makes it more effective than competing agent-based solutions which inject a driver into the sandbox. Drivers can be detected by malware which can then modify their behaviour to evade detection. VMRay Analyzer embeds all monitoring in a hypervisor while using real Windows images as the target machine. With nothing for the malware to detect, it behaves as designed: maliciously.
The user interface of the VMRay Analyzer solution is also clean and intuitive making it simple and effective to use. “The beauty of VMRay is that it was designed and built by malware experts to give analysts everything they need, but with total user experience in mind so that even non experts can use it,” said Hagenus. “There is no point in building a cyber security solution that only an elite few can use if no one else can benefit from it.”
About VMRay
VMRay delivers advanced threat analysis and detection that combines a unique agentless hypervisor-based network sandbox with a real-time reputation engine. The combination provides both fast, high volume file classification and deep malware analysis. The VMRay Analyzer is platform independent and highly scalable, the result of a decade of R&D by some of the world's leading experts on dynamic malware analysis. By monitoring at the hypervisor level, it is undetectable by malware running in the target operating system. VMRay serves leading enterprises around the world. For more information, visit http://www.vmray.com
About emt Distribution
emt Distribution is an Adelaide-based value added distributor and vendor representative with a presence in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE and South Africa. It also works closely with like-minded distributors in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. emt offers solutions that address the top four mitigation strategies to prevent cyber security incidents, the broader strategies in the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and solutions to assist channel partners and MSPs in delivering what their customers need. emt offers pre and post sales support, channel development, engaged sales processes and marketing assistance for both vendors and channel partners. See: www.emtdist.com