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Improve Business Skills? Book a Change Management Course with Project Laneways

We provide high quality and fully accredited courses with qualifications in Change Management, PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management. Our trainers are both expert trainers and experienced practitioners. See by our money back guarantee

Project Laneways is organising a three-day Change Management Foundation Course in Melbourne. Containing both practice and theory this course covers extra practical material not normally included in other courses. The course runs from September 17th to September 19th.

The  Change Management Foundation course covers all aspects of change including how individuals learn and react to change, approaches to organisational change, best practices in communications and stakeholder engagement, and how to prepare for change and deal with resistance. The course includes a short discussion on the Prosci ADKAR® methodology and compares it to other approaches.

The course is aimed at professionals who are trying to enhance their competitive advantage by cultivating the appropriate leadership change management style to improve company culture and performance. Change practitioners hope that by implementing these new ways of working there will be an improvement in business profits and performance with end-to-end technology transformations.  Overall this change will increase engagement and minimise resistance by embedding practices, mindsets and behaviours across all levels of an organisation.

Organisations across Australia are making use of methodologies to implement new ways of working. ANZ bank's roll out of Agile methodologies across its Australian business and technology divisions is well under way, with 3,000 employees now working in Agile teams. The bank is aiming to roll the process to include 13,000 employees in 2018. Their brand of ‘scaled agile’ called New Ways of Working was announced in May last year.  As part of the initial announcement, ANZ said the organisational style and associated methodologies, would help the bank respond more quickly to customer needs, create higher staff engagement and boost efficiency. The benefits were already becoming apparent according to the bank.

ANZ's Big Four rivals have also adopted Agile methodologies. Westpac Group CIO Dave Curran has revealed between three and four thousand employees across the bank worked within Agile teams. NAB and Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) have also touted their Agile credentials.

This three-day, money-back guaranteed foundation course is one of Project Laneways' flagship business training courses and is designed to provide professionals with the skills and techniques needed to successfully manage change in a business environment. As part of the course there is a 40 minute multiple-choice exam on the third day. Founded by Dan Skelsey, Project Laneways specialises in providing the internationally acclaimed PRINCE2, AgilePM, Change Management, Better Business Cases and Programme Management training courses to Australian business professionals.

For more information:  https://www.project-laneways.com.au/