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Customized Revit Courses Offered to Design Firms

Dankor architectural firm expands its Revit course to include customized classes tailored to design firms.

As a supplemental to its architectural services, Dankor Architecture offers instructional Revit courses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Now, the Melbourne-based architectural firm has expanded its Revit courses to include customized classes tailored specifically to individual design firms. 


“Autodesk Revit leads the building information modeling (BIM) industry, and is an important tool in any designer’s quiver,” says Dan Korman, owner and director of Dankor and RevitCourse. “The Australian government now requires all government building projects to use the Revit platform, so anyone serious about building projects and design in Australia needs to have achieved mastery of the program.” 


To help other design firms accomplish this, RevitCourse now creates bespoke Autodesk Revit instructional classes that can be planned around the firms’ schedules, presented in specified locations, and taught in formats ranging from one-on-one to group settings. 


Revit courses cover virtually all aspects of the platform’s use, and curricula can be tailored to address the specific needs and priorities of different firms. Different design groups use the program for slightly different tasks, so classes that emphasize related actions and teach users how to best utilize Revit to accomplish their companies’ goals are one of the most effective and efficient ways to learn the program. 


“As the architectural and design industries continue to grow and evolve, it is important that design firms evolve as well,” says Korman. “And as Revit continues to upgrade its software, and new uses and actions become available, Revit Course will respond by growing our services. The latest evolution of our Revit instruction is customized classes, and we are excited at the response we have received thus far. 


Interested parties can contact Revit Course for more information about customized by visiting the website www.revitcourse.com.au. 


About Dankor:  


A leading architectural firm based in Melbourne, Dankor has an impressive portfolio of completed and ongoing design projects, including both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to scheduled and customized classroom Revit courses, Dankor also offers a series of online Revit tutorials. 


About Autodesk Revit: 


The world’s leading BIM (building informational modeling) software, the Autodesk Revit platform allows architects and engineers to create 3D models of builds from start to finish, and share them with various team members in an effective and streamlined manner.