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Hitachi Brings Together Leading Data-Driven Innovators at NEXT 2018

SYDNEY, Australia – 27 Sept, 2018 – Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), at NEXT 2018, the company’s second annual user conference, unveiled new enhancements and partnerships to help enterprises maximise the value of their data. Hitachi first introduced Hitachi Vantara at NEXT 2017 as a new business entity that delivers business and societal outcomes to enterprises through the power of data. 

Hitachi Vantara uniquely combines Hitachi’s deep expertise in operational technology (OT) with its trusted and proven history in information technology (IT) innovation. This powerful combination delivers superior infrastructure and analytics technologies that help customers along the entire data journey of storing, enriching, activating and monetising data for maximum business benefit. Only Hitachi can provide this return on data no matter where it resides – from the data center to the cloud and out to the edge.

Importance of Deriving Value out of Data 

According to McKinsey, 127 new devices connect to the internet every second and generate vast amounts of data. The organisations that can use technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to gain actionable insights from data can expect revenue to grow by 10%. With extraordinary business momentum in its first year, Hitachi Vantara is today announcing unprecedented customer traction and new solutions to help customers capitalise on this opportunity through data. The new solutions announced at Hitachi NEXT 2018 help enterprises modernise their data centers, simplify and accelerate their cloud initiatives, enhance data governance and use IoT and analytics to improve maintenance and repair operations across multiple industries. 

News Highlights From Day One of NEXT 2018:

  • Hitachi Vantara Marks One Year Since Launch With Significant Company Momentum

  • Hitachi Vantara Advances IT Infrastructure Portfolio With Updated Converged and Hyperconverged Systems, Enhanced Applications Support 

  • Hitachi Vantara Helps Customers Govern and Protect Data in a Multicloud World 

  • Hitachi Vantara Enhances Cloud Services With Container Security and Innovative Multicloud Support for DevOps and Data Services

  • Hitachi Vantara Strengthens Lumada Portfolio With Applications for Intelligent Maintenance and Repair 

  • Hitachi Vantara Expands Smart Data Center Intelligence and Automation for Self-Optimising Data Centers

“In today’s data-driven economy, organisations that are slower to adopt digital strategies will find it challenging to compete and stay relevant,” said Brian Householder, CEO of Hitachi Vantara. “Hitachi Vantara is a data company that gives our customers the combination of trusted solutions and expertise to deliver a return on data at every step of their digital journey.”

Enhanced Infrastructure Portfolio and Expanded Intelligence and Automation To Drive Data Center Modernisation

Hitachi Vantara announced technology enhancements across its leading IT infrastructure portfolio that help customers modernise their data centers as part of their digital transformation strategies. These enhancements include Hitachi’s first all-NVMe converged system delivering dramatically improved performance and efficiency for customers of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) hyperconverged systems. Hitachi also introduced smart data center intelligence and automation for self-optimising data centers. These advancements can lower data center costs with intelligent SAN optimisation, automated provisioning and AI-based cooling optimisation.

Improved Data Governance, Protection and Security for Multicloud Environments

To help customers control how their data is stored, protected, governed and accessed across workloads and in multicloud environments, Hitachi Vantara introduced updates to its Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio. HCP makes sensitive data tamper-resistant with the latest governance capabilities including compliance enforcement in the public cloud, data retention enhancements and protection against cybersecurity risks. 

Expanded Lumada Portfolio Includes New Applications for Intelligent Maintenance and Repair

Based on highly accurate, prescriptive and predictive algorithms, the new Lumada Maintenance Insights solutions help customers anticipate breakdowns and guide them on necessary maintenance repairs, improving operations and avoiding equipment downtime. New applications, powered by Hitachi’s Lumada, incorporate cutting-edge machine learning models that can be rapidly customised for specific environments. Lumada provides modular platform technologies, applications and professional services expertise that enable organisations to adopt IoT with confidence.

About Hitachi NEXT 2018

NEXT 2018 is the premier event for the digital revolution. It’s for data-driven innovators who lead the transformation in their industry. They lead with clear insights drawn from their own data to make the right decisions for the best results. Data changes the way the world works, advancing business and even society itself. There can never be too much data and it can never come too quickly if organisations manage, govern, mobilise and analyse it effectively. At NEXT 2018, leaders see what’s next for their data in IT, operational technology and the internet of things, from Hitachi and our many partners. They bring back insights and strategies they can use right away to transform their businesses and build them for tomorrow. At NEXT 2018 we change the way the world works. NEXT 2018 happened September 25-27 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit HitachiNEXT.com.