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PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

FIRST IN AUSTRALIA: Delamay Devi Yoga Offers Yoga Trance Dance® Intensive Module in Byron Bay

Learn to lead this internationally celebrated prank yoga free-form movement meditation created by Shiva Rea and guided by Delamay Devi

2 October 2018, Byron Bay - This residential immersion held in the Byron Bay hinterland on 11-15 October 2018 is for yoga teachers and yoga adventurers who are interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance. This Yoga Trance Dance® intensive provides the basic tools to explore the foundations; for yogis that would like to enrich their personal practice, yogis on the teaching path interested in adding free-from dance elements to their teachings.

Module details can be found on our website

We are all born knowing how to dance; this inherent movement is well documented as one of the oldest planetary yogas. Evolving since 1994, Yoga Trance Dance®, created by Shiva Rea, is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga.

In this module we explore practical applications of the Tantric system, the subtle energetic body and Nadi flows for liberating the path of Yoga. The dynamic approach to energetic Vinyasa Yoga, movement and healing that integrates mandala Namaskars, Sahaja (spontaneous movement), and ways to combine circular, wave motion with strength and stability that are healing for all ages, all backgrounds, athletes, men and women alike.


Delamay is well-known internationally for her embodied offerings that are fuelled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. A senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher, mentor, writer, creatrix of Devi Designs and a creative powerhouse contributing to many publications such as Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, Australian Yoga Life, Yoga Journal, Om Yoga Magazine, Mantra Magazine and more.