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BRISBANE, 7th October 2018 – The annual Sketa Oz Dance Award recipients have been revealed this weekend at the Brisbane Eisteddfods - Dance Solos coming to a close. 

Sketa Oz Most Promising Senior Classical Dancer 13 years & over was award to the Ainsley Martin from Amanda Bollinger Studios. Senior Adjudicator was Alyssa Casey. Ms. Casey stated the standard of excellence in dance for the Brisbane Eisteddfods Solos was more than she had anticipated. 

“It was an absolute pleasure to watch all of the performers – the standard was exceptionally high.  All of these dancers will have exciting careers ahead of them in the arts.”

The Sketa Oz Most Promising Junior Classical Dancer 10 years & underwent to the talented Alicia Woods from The Dance Company Studios (as of 2019 to be known as Prima Youth State Ballet).  Junior Adjudicator was Anne-Marie Ludwig-Cox.                             

Alicia Woods commenced point work less than 2 months ago and is already showing her talents.  She trains at DCS under Director Kaytlyn Bell-Blissner and Mrs. Emma Doyle (Ortez).                          

About The Brisbane Eisteddfods - Dance Solos

The Brisbane Eisteddfod Inc. has been in action for the last 120 years, with Dance Solos being an extension of the yearly event.  This not-for-profit organisation is entirely run by a group of dedicated volunteers comprised of: parents, teachers, arts focussed business owners and individuals who organise the entire production. Months of planning, sleepless nights and busy days continue the legacy of valiantly supporting the arts here in Queensland. 

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About Sketa Oz Philanthropy

Sketa Oz Philanthropy encourages, supports and rewards talented young dancers through annual sponsorship of Sketa Oz Awards at State, National and overseas dance competitions – be they eisteddfods, festivals or specially organised events.  We track Australian talent across the globe! 

Since 2003, dance students from around the world have competed for the prestigious Sketa Oz Perpetual Trophies, Bursaries and Medals. 

This year, Sketa Oz celebrates these young artists by finding out where they are today and what life has offered them in the 16 years since Sketa Oz Philanthropy began.

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About Sketa Oz Group Pty Limited

The Sketa Oz Group – is a multi-level, branded business group that engages in: The Arts, Design, Education, Publishing, Health and Wellness. Our Mission is to become the best version of 'us' - through becoming a leading producer and disseminator of information and entertainment that is creative, innovative, unique, artistic and educational.


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