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Introducing Captain Jane Thorn, the world’s newest maritime heroine

Pamela Grimm, New York commercial skipper and author, signs up with Australian based book publisher SisterShip Press Ltd Pty.

Combine four women from opposites sides of the globe but connected by their passion for writing and sailing and what do you get? The ingredients for a powerful maritime novel with a strong female lead, Destiny’s Gold.

It is 1820, and a young female sea captain, Jane Thorn, sets sail aboard the schooner Destiny bound for the sugar plantations of Cuba and then on to the Baltic for iron. Political intrigue and mystery dog the voyage. Captain Jane Thorn is feisty, fun, and smart. She deals with men who under-estimate her skill and business acumen at their peril. This is historical, nautical fiction with a fresh new take!

Riding the front of the ‘women on the water’ wave, the SisterShip Press team are commercially qualified skippers, sailors, and authors themselves. Emerging author Pamela Grimm and her novel Destiny’s Gold epitomise all that SisterShip stands for.

‘There’s nothing better than working with a publisher who loves all things sailing as much as I do! My book feels like it is in good hands with the women of SisterShip Press.’ says Pamela.

Pamela Grimm combines her love of maritime history with experience as a commercial and recreational captain, sailing the waters of eastern US, the west coast of Sweden, and from Norfolk to Bermuda, to create an indomitable female character and a storyline that keeps you guessing.

When asked why she is drawn to the 1820s, author Pamela Grimm states, ‘The early 19th century was an exciting time of change politically, culturally, and technologically. The Age of Sail was coming to a close as steamships became safer and more economical to run, while global forces were upending centuries of tradition leading to the downfall of monarchies and the cruel institution of slavery. Writing about a woman who leads and innovates in the midst of those changes is an exciting challenge that combines the romance of tall ships at sea with my fascination for "how things were actually done" during that era. The research phase is in some ways the most rewarding and fun part of the writing process and allows me not only to recreate Jane's world for the modern reader, but also to provide insight into just how people solved problems before the digital revolution.’

Belinda Collins, Chief Editor for SisterShip Press adds, ‘Pamela tells such a strong story, with fascinating locations and of course a marvellous heroine’.

The first in the series, Destiny’s Gold is set to be released in December.




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Contact name: Jackie Parry or Shelley Wright

Email: editor@sistershipmagazine.com

Phone number: +61 (0)458 391660

Author bio: Pamela Grimm is an experienced inland and near coastal sailing captain with deep training and youth program background. Qualified for OUPV charters, Pamela is the owner and senior captain of sloop charter business in Ithaca, NY and is a trained youth program educator aboard tall ships. She has extensive experience in a number of vessels including crewing for several years aboard the 76’ wooden schooner Miss Margaree out of Montreal. Pamela has sailed the waters of Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes of New York, the Rhode Island coast, the St. Lawrence Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, the west coast of Sweden, and from Norfolk to Bermuda.

SisterShip Press Pty Ltd: We are passionate about writing, we are excited about books. We (initially) are here for women; women with finished manuscripts. A nautical theme is our favourite but we are keen to read any adventure/travel/inspirational story – fiction or non-fiction. Technical books are also invited, we have a team with vast experience in all aspects of boating – professionally and recreationally. The SisterShip team are writers, best-selling authors, publishers, wives, editors, and designers. We love working our way through lexical thickets, and we’re here to help. https://sistershippress.com/

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Jackie Parry (Co-Owner SisterShip Press Pty Ltd and SisterShip Magazine):
A professional and recreational captain. She has sailed around the world one-and-a-half times, and has worked internationally. Jackie is an instructor of professional level maritime courses, and was one of the first female rescue skippers in NSW. She gives talks on sailing and coastal navigation, and has written four nautical books.

Dr Shelley Wright (Co-Owner SisterShip Press Pty Ltd and SisterShip Magazine): A scientist and freelance writer, Shelley has a Degree in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, an Honours degree and PhD in Quaternary Science, and a Master of Environmental Advocacy.   She began sailing in 1986 on the Great Barrier Reef coast of Australia and is passionate about the marine environment and life on the water. She is the founder of the Women Who Sail Australia group and the ‘Gathering on the Bay’ annual sailing conference for women.

Belinda Collins (Book Editor): After gaining an Honours Degree in Linguistics from the Australian National University, Belinda spent 17 years researching, writing and editing in the Australian Public Service. She is now an editor with SisterShip Press. Belinda also rows, kayaks, and sails; and will one day edit from her live aboard boat, cruising around Australia and the Pacific.