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Navigo releases the 6th Australian HR Tech Survey

Learn About the Australian HR Tech Landscape

The Melbourne-based HR solutions company Navigo announced the completion of their 6th HR Tech Survey. The survey describes how 175 Australian organisations representing over 296,000 employees interact with HR technology. Research revealed a growing preference to migrate from On-Premise to Software as a Service (SaaS) and increased complications associated with data security.


Key findings that stood out from this year’s report include:

  • The top motivation for HR Tech investment is to improve operational efficiency, with the key roadblock being cost and budget

  • Only 24% of respondents are using HR reports / analytics to inform decision makers

  • Organisations want to adopt a cloud solution, though nearly half of all respondents have concerns about security and data privacy

  • Overall, customer service had a higher dissatisfaction rate against system features in terms of core HRIS

The HR Tech Survey co-author and General Manager of Navigo, Andrew Rees, had this to say about the survey:

“The HR Tech Survey was borne from a lack of research within the Australian HR technology space. Identifying as the HRIS tech experts, Navigo have made it a priority to increase awareness and transparency in the HR tech arena. Seeing how organisations manage their complex HR road maps has helped us to better serve our customers.”

Navigo would like to thank all of our respondents. Their contribution has helped create a clear picture of the industry, allowing organisations to plan accordingly and for vendors to improve their approach. Download your free copy of the 6th HR Tech Survey today.

About Navigo

Navigo specialises in cutting edge, targeted software to solve specific operational and strategic HR issues. Working with over 600 customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, our solutions include:

  • Organisational charting software (visualisation, workforce modelling and HR analytics)

  • HR Systems consulting

  • HRIS integration

For further information, contact:

Andrew Rees, General Manager P (03) 9879 4060 E andrew.rees@navigo.com.au