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Media advisory: Unisys available to comment on today's announcement by the NSW Government on the NSW WebServices Solution

Unisys Australia is the prime contractor to the NSW Department of Education and Training for its WebServices Solution. Unisys was awarded the contract in December 2001.
Christine Thompson, Unisys Partner responsible for managing the project, commented: "The significance and size of this commitment by the New South Wales Government cannot be overestimated. This network will help ensure that the educational requirements of the students of NSW are met effectively through the Internet. Unisys is delivering significant benefits in technology, administration and teaching.
"Unisys is providing DET with high quality and secure ISP services and high capacity connectivity services that will allow users to take advantage of the Internet, e-mail and other services in their study and work environments."
Background information
The WebServices Solution is a custom built, full authentication, single log-on solution that allows the 1.33 million students and teachers in NSW access to all services without the need for multiple passwords. Student ages range from five to mature. This broad age range requires significant flexibility of access and restrictions defined by the needs of the class and teacher, the class age, and the policies of the teaching establishments and the Department as a whole. This initiative is giving students and teachers enriched educational opportunities in a safe, secure environment.
The statistics of the project are impressive: 1.2 million students, in every NSW Government school and TAFE college, and 130,000 DET staff, will eventually have access to the new service. Hi-speed (100 Mbps) links will carry up to 100 GB of data traffic each day. The solution has 6.3 terabytes of storage for the e-mail service alone. Up to 30,000 user sessions will be possible concurrently, where a user session contains a group of users or multiple users. Once fully operational, the system will process the equivalent of up to 5 million e-mails per day.
A Project Executive and Management Team manages the Project under the guidance of a Steering Committee that sets policy and guidelines. The Project Team - DET, Unisys and its partners - delivers the services and supporting technology.
The service provides one e-mail account per user - to students, teachers and staff - for their 'lifetime' within the DET, totalling 1.33 million active accounts at any one time. Upon completion of the roll-out, Unisys will be managing the largest network of e-mail accounts and Internet services in Australia and one of the largest of its kind in the world.
Unisys has developed applications and security measures that build upon and integrate with DET's existing network infrastructure. A high capacity network line links the DET and the Unisys Data Centre in Sydney where Unisys hosts and manages the ISP services.
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