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Big Wet Special - $25 Gift Voucher on Water Cooler Rental

Melbourne’s natural spring water delivery specialists Big Wet have a new rental special available.

Melbourne’s natural spring water delivery specialists Big Wet have a new rental special available. The rent a water cooler is available for just $49 for one year and customers will get a free-standing water cooler along with four 15 litres water bottles. Customers will also get a $25 Coles or Myer gift voucher.

Big Wet has cold and room temperature water dispensers, along with a cup holder and sleeve of cups. Customers should nominate a freestanding cooler or bench top cooler with the order. The price quoted excludes GST.

Big Wet is a water bottling, distribution and filtration company that has been servicing Victorians since 1994. Their customers range from large multinational corporations to individual domestic customers throughout metropolitan Melbourne, the Yarra ranges, the Bellarine and Mornington peninsulas and the regional cities of Geelong and Ballarat. Big Wet’s spring water is drawn from a granite spring located in the heart of the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region of Victoria, known for having some of the purest waters in the world. Big Wet water is naturally very low in minerals and has the added benefit of being filtered at both the source and bottling plant.

Big Wet’s filtration systems are perfect for homes and offices. They have plumbed-in, under-sink, free-standing coolers and boiler units available. Big Wet is a member of the Australian Bottled Water Association and is HACCP certified. Their water source is organically certified by the Biological Farmers Association.

Their online store has a range of products that will take care of water needs for homes and offices. With busy lifestyles and to manage complex office needs having a bottled delivery service makes things simple. The cost-effective service from Big Water ensures there is constant supply for quality water. The company has the necessary equipment and expertise that allows them to service the Melbourne region effectively.

Big Wet can be contacted on 1300 699 965 or visit www.bigwet.com.au for more information on spring water delivery, water purifiers, water filters Melbourne, water cooler bottles and more.