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RightNow Technologies debuts unmatched eServices best practices ProServices offering

RightNow Technologies, provider of eService solutions expertise has launched its best practices ProServices offering. Based on the company's unmatched experience and expertise in the implementation of eService across all major vertical markets, RightNow's offering is designed so that customers can quickly adopt and implement strategies that will drive maximum business value from their investments in RightNow's eService technologies.

RightNow develops, markets, and supports several eService solutions - including its flagship RightNow eService Centre and RightNow Metrics. In today's challenging economic conditions, its customers have increasingly sought out the company's unparalleled eService expertise.

As a result of this customer demand, RightNow is launching several service offerings, including:

* RightStart, a combined telephone and on-site engagement designed to accelerate effective RightNow eService Centre deployments and ensure the implementation of best practices from day one

* RightPractices, a three-day on-site engagement to evaluate the existing implementation and enhance both their effectiveness and alignment with a company's specific business requirements

* RightFit, a set of technical services for companies seeking to integrate RightNow's eService software with other enterprise applications such as CRM, help desk, call Centre management or for those who want to customise the user interface to better match their business processes and the way customers interact on their Web site.

As the market segment leader, RightNow's best practices expertise has already been proven to improve the quality of customer service, accelerate eService deployments, and ensure maximum top- and bottom-line returns from eService technologies. These best practices encompass such critical success factors as site design, knowledge development processes and policies, email automation, event escalation and performance metrics.

"RightNow's introduction of service offerings focused on best practices, demonstrates an appreciation and requirement that CRM application implementations cannot and will not be effective without a tight coupling with effective business practices," said Mary Wardley, Director of CRM Applications at IDC. "Organisations need CRM, but for many, internal processes are manual, ill defined or out dated. Merely installing software without understanding and addressing this critical piece significantly reduces the potential benefits organisations are hoping to achieve by automating their CRM functions and increases the potential for a wasted expenditure."

With more than 1,100 implementations of its software solutions, RightNow can also provide customers with the performance benchmarks by industry that better enable them to measure their own eService performance.

"Based on customer demand, we have determined our eService expertise is as valuable as our eService software solutions," said Sean Forbes, vice president of marketing and business development at RightNow. "By coupling our proven solutions with best practices we've gleaned from industry-leading eService implementations, we now deliver a higher value solution that creates comprehensive business benefits in a shorter amount of time. The results translate quickly to the bottom line."

eService is generally defined as the use of Web, email, chat, and other online channels to deliver pre- and post-sales support. It has grown increasingly popular as companies have discovered its effectiveness as a 24x7 service-and-support strategy, as well as its tremendous cost-efficiency when compared to traditional call centres.

"A well-crafted eService strategy can help a company retain customers, reduce costs, and out-service its competitors. However, few companies have the experience or expertise necessary to develop and execute such a strategy," said Esteban Kolsky, Senior Analyst at Gartner. "Gartner has found that companies that purchase services in addition to solutions can increase the speed of implementation and accelerate return on investment."

RightNow pioneered eService since its founding in 1995 and continues to be the industry leader.


About RightNow Technologies
RightNow Technologies, a recipient of UPSIDE Magazine's 2002 Hot 100 Private Companies Award, is the leading eService solutions expert, engineering business solutions that deliver rapid time-to-benefit and quick return on investment. RightNow delivers these benefits to such customers as Air New Zealand, Ben & Jerry's, British Airways, Cisco, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Orbitz, Ping Golf, Remington, Sanyo, Social Security Administration, Sprint, and more than 1,100 other organisations.

RightNow's multi-channel eService suite supports Web-based self-service, email response management, live chat and collaboration, and service analytics. RightNow Locator, which directly links a company's Web presence with its real-world locations, provides customers the information they need to purchase products or obtain services locally.

Founded in 1995, RightNow has offices in Bozeman, Dallas, London, and Sydney, with an associated office in Tokyo. RightNow's products are available in 15 languages worldwide. For further information visit http://www.rightnow.com/.