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Car Removal Company in Christchurch

Gearing-Up For “Metro Car Buyers Wants to Build a Community, Not Just the Business”

A car buying company that claims to be a specialist in car removal services across Christchurch, Metro Car Buyers, is now expanding to the outskirts of the city. The service has been operative in Christchurch for a long time. As part of the huge service industry, Metro Car Buyers is now upgrading their services and their service staff.
One of their customer relationship managers expressed, “Our business is growing, so we need to make sure our staff doesn’t feel they have to put quantity before quality.”.

Metro Car Buyers is making a sincere effort in engaging thoroughly with their employees to give them better training and to teach them the optimum use of their facilities. With the constantly growing car buying market and need for recycling services, Metro Car Buyers has identified their target audience. They cater to the majority of customers through their ‘master advertising technique’ that is the testimonials their customers provide. Metro Car Buyers has been functioning as a car removal service in areas such as Mairehau, Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Avonside, Woodend, Waikuku and more than 70 other regions and their suburbs.
Metro Car Buyers is gearing up to make a mark on the car buying market with their rapidly growing their business to other parts of Christchurch and are likely to expand to other parts briefly after their training programs.

‘We believe in the progression of the entire community and not just our business.’ said the Manager at Metro Car Buyers while talking about the training program for their employees.

Metro Car Buyers also specializes in truck removal, van removal, used car buying, removal of abandoned vehicles, buying of used or scrap cars, etc. As the only premium express car removal service in Christchurch, Metro Car Buyer has also been one of those businesses that promote a sustainable environment through their free car removal service. Free towing of scrap cars or cars that have met with an accident is another one of their highly appreciated services.

“I didn’t even have to move from my chair. I called, they gave me a free quote, they gave me a free pickup, they gave me all the paperwork, you guessed it! For free! And I just gave them the car keys.” - Matt from Dallington after he was asked avout his experience with Metro Car Buyers.



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Metro Car Buyers is a car removal and car buying service that specializes in buying old and unwanted vehicles. Their services include van pickup, car pickup, giving cash for old or scrap cars and buying old cars for cash. They also do free car removal of abandoned cars or scrap cars. With the operating region of Christchurch, they are now expanding further to be able to reach more customers.