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Clean the air with Sharp's patented technology, where Plasmacluster ions are released evenly into the room to render airborne viruses inactive.

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We all know that cleaning our hands and surfaces helps to protect against the spread of germs and other contaminants, but what about cleaning the air we breathe? Indoor air plays a vital role to our general wellbeing but exposes us to elements that can make us ill or irritate us- elements such as dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and mould.

Introducing Sharp’s latest Plasmacluster air purifier, the KCF30JW -featuring Sharp’s revolutionary technology that is designed to effectively clean the air around us by combining a unique Plasmacluster generator with a technically advanced airflow system. This generator ensures ultimate cleanliness throughout the room!

Plasmacluster technology works by creating positive and negative ions which attach themselves to the surfaces of bacteria and viruses, bonding together to form highly oxidising radicals which instantly draw out the hydrogen present in airborne proteins. This process breaks down the surface membrane of the protein, rendering it inactive. Finally, the hydrogen and OH radicals combine to form water which return to the atmosphere creating a natural "feel good" environment, like that of a rainforest.

Plasmacluster ions also work to reduce static elasticity, the result, dust and other contaminants do not cling to fabrics or furniture, so they can also be effectively collected and removed from the advanced filtration systems. This system combines a series of filters, specifically designed for the effective removal of dust, pollen, bacteria and odours, and can be the ideal solution for allergy sufferers. 

At the first stage, the micromesh pre-filter traps larger amounts of particles. The active carbon filter traps and eliminates odours that can build up in the atmosphere such as from pets, cooking and cigarettes. The antimicrobial HEPA filter then captures tiny dust particles at a level of 0.3 microns, resulting in almost perfect dust removal, and finally there is an additional antibacterial filter. Plasmacluster technology has been proven and tested by 30 institutes and organisations around the world.

The newest feature on the KCF30JW is the Humidifier- monitoring levels of humidity, dust and temperature with a sensor function – great for use in a room size of up to 21m². Combined with an ergonomic and sophisticated design, the new KCF30JW will automatically provide your home with the recommended humidity level between 40 and 60%. 

Sharp’s KCF30JW Plasmacluster Air Purifier is revolutionary for everyday families who want to protect themselves from viruses and sickness, who suffer from allergies, and households that are affected by mould and dust.

The KCF30JW will be available at your local Bing Lee store early December at $449 R.R.P.

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