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More than one way to peel a potato

Dear Editor,

A new report this week has suggested that phrases featuring cruelty to animals such as "bring home the bacon" will die out as more and more people go vegan.

The English language grows, evolves and adapts, and this change makes a lot of sense. PETA is suggesting that people start using fun phrases like "taking a flower by the thorns" instead of "taking a bull by the horns". Phrases that perpetuate violence toward animals have no place in our modern society, where we recognise that animals are sentient beings. While people are working hard to eliminate hate speech related to sexism, racism and bigotry, we should also be employing more compassionate language in relation to animals.

When you think about it, the phrase "more than one way to skin a cat” is disgusting. Millions of cats in China suffer unimaginably as they are skinned for their fur, which is something that makes Australians who consider our cats members of our family sick to our stomachs. Who would argue against changing that vile expression to "more than one way to peel a potato"?

Desmond Bellamy
Special Projects Coordinator
PETA Australia
PO Box 2352
Byron Bay NSW 2481
0411 577 416