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The increasing popularity of Fitness Challenges

A new generation of fitness influencers has resulted in an increase of fitness challenges.

Back when fitness fanatics wanted to take their daily routine up a notch, all they had was to rely on themselves by adding an extra trip to the gym or maybe hire a personal trainer to kick their butts into action.


But now with the rise of fitness lifestyle (evident on social media), we can see sweaty people everywhere achieving their fitness goals.


On the downside, these fitness challenges can start to promote an unhealthy relationship with obsessively working out and restrictive eating patterns.


Health and fitness not determined by how you look in the mirror, but the relationship you have with your mindset, functionality and the foods you consume.


Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) has launched a new take on the traditional ‘Lose the most weight to win’ fitness challenge. Most importantly, it’s not a challenge but a lifestyle program.


The 10-week Lifestyle Refresh Program is a new approach to a life filled with balance and sustainable results.


Furthermore, the program gives participants access to dedicated coaches, accredited dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist, meal plans, workout programs and of course the chance to win prizes.


For more information, please contact chanel.heeren@vogroup.com.au