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Caloburb Encourage Healthy Eating in 2019

The New Year is generally the time to make some resolutions for the year to come, and one of the most commonly held resolutions is weight loss and fitness.

At Calocurb they say that we need to find ways of working with our hunger, rather than against it, and for starters, acknowledging and understanding our individual differences can help.

Our health and wellbeing plans need to reflect the realities of our bodies and lives, and what works for one person might not work for another. Likewise, finding our own personal routine that delivers results will take time and some experimentation. It’s also the small changes, reinforced over time and repetition, that really deliver results. For those in need of a helping hand, tools such as calocurb can help with those hunger urges.

As they say at Calocurb, “Most importantly, let’s be kinder to ourselves. We need to acknowledge that willpower doesn’t always work on its own – and that’s ok.

We’re up against incredibly powerful evolutionary forces inside all of us. Understanding the battle between willpower and evolution when dieting is the first step on the road to making health and wellbeing choices that deliver real results. So, let’s not beat ourselves up. Often our primal urges will be stronger than our ability to resist them”. 


Calocurb is make up of an extract from hops grown at the top of the South Island here in New Zealand. This bitter hops flower ingredient is packed into a patent-pending super capsule, designed to release in just the right spot in the stomach.

This extract has a compound with a unique superpower. It supports the management of appetite, overeating, and hunger, so you can feel confident about healthy eating - without feeling full or twitchy.

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