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3 Reasons Marketing Campaigns Shouldn’t Exist Without a CRM

Nowadays customers are bombarded with all sorts of messages and that spring out from every corner like fashion, health, food, etc. It has never been as challenging as it is now for marketers to gain customers, since “everyone is in marketing” these days.

The consumers are changing, better say growing. They own a lot of alternatives to choose and they know what they require and aspire the best for themselves. So one cannot just market the product/service with closed eyes. Business needs to be more informed of the patterns that customers have and personalize the engagement strategy for them.

Marketing teams need comprehensive information on prospects in order to create powerful, personalized marketing campaigns with higher conversion rates. Without integrating marketing automation to CRM platform, business is missing out on key information about the customers and leads that would help the better market.

Following are the goals and advantages of combining marketing tools with CRM

When business integrates the marketing strategy with CRM, it gets a larger panorama on lead tracking. The marketing team would get a clear eye on the lead scores, product interest, website activity, etc. and administer the subsequent actions to enhance the conversion rate.

The customers don’t want to be a part of the marketing campaign that is not as per their interest. They don’t like to get follow-ups on the offerings that they are not willing to entertain. Using CRM you can create automated marketing messages that speak to where the user is at within your sales and marketing funnels. These automated messages get triggered depending on the behaviors of the contact in their particular journey.

ROI is an undeniable part of marketing campaign. Once business combine marketing campaign with CRM, the access to data that get campaign report at ease which provides the information to the marketing team that allows identifying the marketing campaigns with a tremendous impact on revenue. This allows the marketing team to prioritize marketing spend and expedite the pipeline.

We as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Company has encountered various scenarios where customers get more profit on using an automated marketing system that too with CRM integration. Girikon is a one-stop destination for Salesforce Development practice having its offices in USA, Australia and India.