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Affordable Budget Friendly Low Cost Car Rental Hire and Cheap Gold Coast Family Holiday Packages to Byron Bay

Budget-Friendly Holidays on the Gold Coast a Reality, Says Car Hire Company

As consumers, we’re used to things getting more expensive – and holidays as being budget-busters of note. But Darryl Essington-Wilson of Gold Coast Family Car Rentals says that the Gold Coast is the most budget-friendly holiday destination in Australia.

“There’s lots to see and do on the Gold Coast,” says Essington-Wilson. “Of course, the beaches are the main attraction, and that part of your holiday is completely free. Add a few thrills like boogie boards for the kids, and everyone’s going to have a great time.”

Cutting Costs Doesn’t Mean Roughing It

Cutting costs on the basics you need doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for roughing it – although roughing it can be fun too. “For most people, the big costs are car rental, accommodation, and food. It’s perfectly possible to bring those prices down without settling for a rust-bucket car and poor-quality lodgings,” says Essington-Wilson.

“The car rental cost is my specialty. Our business has been providing affordable Gold Coast car hire for more than seventeen years. It’s not because we do anything below-standard. On the contrary, we match or exceed the quality you’d get anywhere else – except when it comes to price. If you can find a better price on a comparable car rental package, I’ll better it by twice the difference plus $50.”

As for accommodation, services like Airbnb have changed the hospitality industry. Nowadays, you can get luxury self-catering homes, beach houses and apartments at very low prices, especially if you book well in advance and choose newer listings with fewer reviews.

Self-catering means you don’t have to pay restaurant prices for food. You can prepare all or most of your own food with just a few restaurant meals in between if you want them.

More Than Just Beach: Low Cost Activities

Although the Gold Coast has its share of costlier activities such as theme parks, those who want to break the “eat, sleep, beach” holiday routine aren’t short of budget options. “There are wonderful national parks and walking trails in the area. And even if visitors love the beach to bits, I recommend taking a day drive. Stick to the coast for an outing to Byron Bay, or head inland to Lamington National Park. It’s worth exploring the area.”

“There’s more to do for little to no cost on the Gold Coast than visitors believe. From unspoiled rainforests to our gorgeous botanical gardens and visiting markets just for the atmosphere, visitors won’t run out of things to do,” says Essington-Wilson.

A Few Extras from Gold Coast Family Car Rental

It seems Essington-Wilson goes above and beyond what people expect from a car rental company.

“It’s important the kids have a great time. So apart from offering free kiddie seats, renters also get the use of free boogie boards for kids under 15. It’s one less thing for parents to pack or buy when they arrive. Renters can also get beach chairs, beach huts and prams or strollers at very low prices with their car hire. These add-ons help to achieve the perfect holiday on the Gold Coast.”

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