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Announcement posted by Cloud Concepts 30 Jan 2019

Managed Software as a Service vs Software as a Service: What Small Businesses Need to Know

There may have been a time when small businesses could duck tech terminology, but those days are gone says the web developer behind Cloud Concepts, Oliver (Ollie) BrookeChoosing between software as a service (SAAS) and managed software as a service is among the biggies, and opting for what seems like the simplest solution might not result in optimum outcomes.

Software as a service means just that. The client gets a program, and puts it to work. It could be payroll software, or it could be software used to design a website. The user has to find ways to get what he or she wants within the operating confines of a one-size-fits-all software scenario.

Managed software as a service means that the software is built, maintained, and managed just for you.

SAAS Has Advantages – and Disadvantages

The “mass produced” options offered in SAAS packages could be just the thing for your business – but not your website, says Mr Brooke. “It depends on what the package does and what you want it to do. For example, if all you need is basic payroll software and your payroll needs are the same as those of most other businesses, then there’s no need for customisability.”

But, says Brooke, websites are different. “Just because you can build a website doesn’t mean that you should, especially if you’re running a business. Using an expert to guide you and the decisions about what to put on your website is vital.”

“On-size-fits-all might present some minor inconveniences when you’re just doing something routine like payroll – now imagine how cumbersome it gets when you’re trying to express something unique like what your business can do for its customers.”

Having a Website vs having a Website That Helps Your Clients

Brooke won’t deny that you can have a website using SAAS products, but he says that just having a website isn’t an end in itself. “A lot of people see a website as a showcase for their businesses. They’re wrong. A website shouldn’t be a static exhibit and it isn’t about you. Instead, it should work as a dynamic electronic entity that serves your clients.”

SAAS websites are easy to spot, says Brooke. They get set up, and their owners, satisfied that they now have a website, leave it at that. “Unfortunately, those websites become dead online real estate. Even supposing that clients or prospective clients find them, they won’t necessarily find the information they need or be interested in supporting that business.”

Small Businesspeople: One Entrepreneur, Many Hats

Those who have run their own small businesses know how many roles they need to learn. A small business owner must be willing to tackle functions that are performed by entire departments staffed with specialised personnel in larger businesses. And the business of doing business isn’t getting any simpler.

Increasingly, business thinkers are pointing towards outsourcing as the way small companies can achieve excellence in areas outside their core businesses. “You don’t have to do it all yourself,” says Brooke, “in fact, you shouldn’t try. Unless you’re doing something that’s absolutely bog standard, SAAS is for people who are still stuck in a rut where they try to do everything themselves. Why not spend more time on the things you’re really good at, and get the rest done professionally? Your customers will notice the difference!”

Cloud Concepts is a web development company serving clients across Australia. Its proprietor, leading web development expert Ollie Brooke, is especially passionate about helping small and medium enterprises to market themselves online. “It’s where your customers are,” he says.

If you’d like to contact Ollie Brooke about website design, managed software or learn more about Let’s talk About Your Website | Cloud Concepts visit his website. After all, it’s the best place to begin.

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