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Skin and Body Expert Comments on Cosmetic Treatments Survey

A recently published survey on cosmetic treatments indicated that one in three Americans are considering a cosmetic procedure, and the numbers are similar in Australia. On the surface, the results may seem surprising: 49 percent of those considering an enhancement are under 45, and half of them are men. Shelley Stevens of Platinum Face and Body Clinic weighs in with her opinion.

Non-Surgical Enhancements Top the Bill

The thought of 33 percent of Americans in their prime considering going under the knife just to look better would be a disturbing one, but Shelley points out that that non-surgical treatments have opened a lot of options to those who want to improve their appearance. 

There are a lot of ways to rejuvenate the skin that would be too costly to try at home, or that require special training to administer. Surgery isn’t necessary to remove little fat bulges either. Most men and women under 45 want to enjoy an active lifestyle, but it’s easy to become self-conscious about pockets of fat that stubbornly refuse to melt away despite a healthy diet and exercise program.

“Most people would prefer to avoid surgery,” says Shelley. “New options in cosmetic treatments that don’t require surgery give them an alternative option.”

Men Want to Look Their Best Too

Although one is more likely to come across articles on cosmetic treatments in women’s magazines than men’s ones, Shelley says she isn’t surprised that male survey respondents were as keen on cosmetic treatments as the female ones. And despite the survey covering US consumers, she says Australia probably isn’t much different.

Men, it seems, may be more reticent about cosmetic procedures, but they still want them. Shelley doesn’t see this as a sign of the times or of a dearth in masculinity. Men want to look their best too. There’s nothing strange or new about that.”

Most People Aren’t Considering Radical Changes

After studying the survey, Shelley notes that most of the procedures it highlights as top picks won’t result in radical changes to the appearance. She observes that her clients sometimes express concern about changing their overall appearance too much. “They don’t want to look like someone else, or overdone. “They want to look like themselves, only younger and fresher or enhance their natural features.” 

According to Shelley, that’s what non-surgical cosmetic procedures do. During her nursing career, she herself became interested in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and attended and completed the only Cosmetic Nursing course available in Australia, by The Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science, a course specifically designed for registered nurses. 

Shelley’s interest in the field of non-surgical cosmetic treatments became a new career direction for the next 10 years, and today, she is co-owner of Platinum Face and Body Clinic with Jacinda McKay.

To find out more about Platinum Face and Body Clinic’s services, you can reach Shelley or Jacinda and their experienced team by calling +61 2 4200 9468 or visit the Non-surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments for the Face and Body |  Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online.

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