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Best Cosmetic Clinic Treatments In Wollongong For Skin Enhancement, Face Lift Injections, Fat Freezing and Body Tightening in Illawarra

Cosmetic Clinic Treatments Increasingly Popular Says Trained Nurse

Advances in non-surgical cosmetic treatments are leading to a growing demand for therapies aimed at rejuvenating tired skin and winning the battle of the bulge says Shelley Stevens, co-owner of Platinum Face and Body Clinic.

“There are so many options these days,” she says, “and the non-invasive nature of these treatments coupled with their affordability makes them hugely popular. Ordinary men and women can treat themselves to rejuvenating therapies that are popular with film stars, and they don’t have to worry about long recovery times or scarring.”

Subtle Results a Plus Point

Shelley is open about the results people can expect: “Clients can see and feel the differences. And other people will notice positive changes but usually won’t know exactly what’s changed without being told, as non surgical procedures provide a more subtle result than surgical results. Having said that, there are reports of surgical treatments declining by 40 percent because the non-surgical ones deliver the results people want.”

“A lot of it is just a case of helping nature do its job. For example, many treatments stimulate the skin to regenerate collagen. That’s a natural process, but it slows down as people age and that’s why our skins get tired-looking. So, although clients are getting a little help, it’s still your natural good looks that create the impression.”

“Making subtle changes to your natural appearance is also available. For example, injectables helps to correct mild asymmetry, or plump up lips. They are also used to fill sunken areas, or to relax lines and wrinkles.”

Patient Safety and Satisfaction Requires Training and Experience

Although non-surgical cosmetic treatments may appear easy to administer, Shelley warns that doing so requires expertise: “I am a trained cosmetic nurse, which is quite a rare qualification and only available upon completion of training with The Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science”,  and having worked with patients undergoing surgical and non-surgical treatments for many years has provided the experience required to know what patients can expect from the treatments and how to apply them safely.”

“Patient safety is hugely important, and patient satisfaction means knowing what can and can’t be promised in terms of results. Understanding clients expectations is vastly important, solid experience provides the basis to make recommendations based on that. Sometimes, qualified advice may need to point out that surgery is the only solution.”

State-of-the-Art Equipment Part of the Package

Outfitting a clinic like Platinum Face and Body Clinic can’t be done on a shoestring budget. The therapists use advanced equipment that’s not only approved by regulatory agencies, but has also undergone clinical and patient trials by medical experts and shown to deliver results. But Shelley is confident that rising demand makes getting the very best that money can buy worthwhile.

“For the best possible results, the best possible equipment is required,” she explains, “and results are the basis for our reputation as a cosmetic clinic. There are older versions and cheaper versions of everything, but we opted for Clinically trialed and proven, medical grade, state-of-the-art equipment every time. So, for fat freezing or cryolipolysis, the CLAATU Freeze System was selected, for skin tightening of face and body, and non surgical facelift the Ultraformer 3 was chosen, for LED skin rejuvenation, LightStim as the best in its class was the obvious choice.”

Non-surgical treatments are so popular that a lot of clinics are springing up, but consumers must be made aware of the importance of qualified, experienced personnel and the best equipment in achieving the results they want. There is equipment out there being used with patients being promised the world and receiving very little in terms of results. Consumers are encouraged to do their homework on what equipment the clinic uses, as not all technology delivers equal results.

To find out more about Platinum Face and Body Clinic’s services, reach Shelley or Jacinda and their experienced team by visiting the Non-Surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments For The Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online or call +612 4200 9468.

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