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Best Affordable Cryolipolysis Fat Loss Cosmetic Clinic in Wollongong Uses CLATUU System For Great Results In The Illawarra

Cold Approach to Fat Loss Snowballing at NSW Clinic

Australians are taking to the idea of using different temperatures to change their appearance and win the battle of the bulge with a growing number of Australians are opting to get really cool in order to look hot by using fat freezing treatments such as those offered by aesthetic clinics like Platinum Face and Body Clinic in Wollongong, NSW.

Giving Fat Deposits the Cold Shoulder

Platinum owners Jacinda McKay and highly qualified cosmetic injections specialist and RN Shelley Stevens, have chosen the freezing approach to shape and contour the body. It does this by eradicating stubborn fat cells which don’t disappear easily, even with careful diet and regular exercise.  And it does so without surgery, anaesthetics, or too much downtime, using a medical aesthetic device which changes the temperature of fat cells in the body.

From a sweet beginning when scientists noticed that eating ice blocks tended to produce dimples in the cheeks of children, further research and development has resulted in a treatment now called Cryolipolysis (or Cryo for short) and the invention of aesthetic machines that can provide far more extensive results than an ice block. More than seven million procedures have since been carried out globally. The procedure works by specifically targeting the fat cells, and freezing them without any damage to the surrounding cells. The cells killed in this way are then collected and processed by the body before being permanently eliminated over a period of time.

How Cryolipolysis Devices Work

Cryolipolysis devices are aimed at treating specific areas where obvious stubborn fat deposits mar an otherwise almost ideal body contour. These deposits can take the form of unsightly love handles, muffin tops, bulges on the abdomen, outer hips and back bulges, or flabby inner arms and thighs.

And it’s important to remember, that not all devices are created equal! 

If you are considering cryolipolysis, choose high standard technologies that have been clinically proven to have high efficiency. Look for real-life testimonials (by real people not paid celebrities), clinical trials by medical experts (these should be documented and easily available using a Google search), before and after photos and word of mouth as evidence to support the claims of efficiency. The last thing you want is to spend money on inefficient fat freezing treatments that yield no results! 

The state of the art CLATUU device used at Platinum Face and Body uses the worlds only patented 360 degree cooling applicators, and has two handsets. This can lessen the number of treatments needed through providing more thorough treatment in any given area, or by enabling two areas to be treated simultaneously.

Cryolipolysis Aids to Diet Programmes

Cryolipolysis is not intended to be seen as a replacement for weight loss programmes, exercise, or a healthy lifestyle, but rather as a supplemental process which increases their effectiveness by doing away with pockets of fat that are extremely difficult to remove. Nor is it a quick fix, as results can take one to two months before really starting to show, and continue to become even more noticeable for 30-60 days after that. Additional treatments, when required to treat new areas or extend the work already done, are usually carried out at two monthly intervals.

Where the strength of this type of treatment lies, according to the Platinum owners, is in Cryo’s long-lasting effects, as the dead fat cells are eliminated from the body permanently. It also involves little or no downtime, and pain levels are restricted to very slight discomfort sometimes felt at the initial stages of the treatment.

Further Information

To find out more about Platinum Face and Body Clinic’s services, reach Shelley and her experienced team by visiting the Non-Surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments For The Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online or call +612 4200 9468.

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