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Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatment Devices Experience Growth Demand In Corrimal For Injectables, LED Lighting Therapy and Fat Loss Solutions Near Wollongong

Aesthetic Devices Market Growth Soars as Demand Increases

There’s no getting around it. The wave of people opting for minimally-invasive beauty and rejuvenation treatments is swelling to near tsunami levels. And the soaring demand is having a positive spin-off involving to the tune of multiple billions on the sub-sectors of the burgeoning non-surgical industry.  One of the sectors set to benefit the most includes the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of the devices which allow cosmetic clinics like Platinum Face and Body Clinic in Corrimal, Wollongong, NSW, to meet the escalating demand for treatment without a scalpel.

Developers and manufacturers have been largely responsible for the growth and diversification of the market now aimed at applying a more medical approach to non-surgical treatments for those in need of rejuvenation and reconstruction because of genetics, age, obesity or trauma. And in the course of doing so, they have established an ever-growing device market. Market research predicts revenue from this sector could reach $17 billion (USD) in 2023, at a CAGR of close on 11 per cent. This will put the global market nearly $7billion up on the expected 2018 figure, and $10billion up on the $6.5billion figure reported for 2015. And it far extends the predictions made in 2016, which suggested the market would be worth $11.2billion by 2021.

Technology and the Cosmetic Market

Minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures have been trending in beauty-obsessed countries like the US for decades and the US still dominates the aesthetic device market with a share of 40 to 50%. However other nations are increasingly joining the queues at clinics and other outlets which provide cosmetic therapy treatments. And Australia is right in there with the rest of them, according to market research results.  Already back in 2016, the Australian aesthetic medical device market was already sitting at around $4billion.

Changing the Face of Aesthetic Clinics

The machines produced to power the aesthetic market have changed the way beauty treatment is viewed by society and how it is implemented. They have also lifted many of the traditional beauty salons (now clinics), where beauticians once relied almost exclusively on the applications of creams, potions and lotions, to a new whole new level.  Today practitioners brandishing special qualifications, like Platinum’s co-owner, RN, and Cosmetic Nursing graduate, Shelley Stevens, are working with devices that offer a wide range of cosmetic solutions.

While in some cases the devices use needles, an increasing number utilise sound or light waves emitted by lasers, LED lighting, radio or ultrasound, and use the energy produced at adjustable frequency levels to address a wide range of aesthetic treatments. And with new developments in technology, new devices and updates are increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and scope of the existing medical aesthetic treatments and allowing for the introduction of new treatments and protocols for an ever-widening array of cosmetic problems. These include everything from body contouring through fat cell destruction, to skin tightening and wrinkle or scar removal.

Aesthetic clinics such as the Platinum Face and Body Clinic in Corrimal, Wollongong, Australia, are now structuring their treatments round available technology to ensure the best outcome for those seeking treatments which don’t involve surgery and require little downtime. To find out more about Platinum Face and Body Clinic’s services, reach Shelley or co-owner Jacinda and their experienced team by calling +61 2 4200 9468 or visit the Non-Surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments For The Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online.

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