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Aussie Cannabis Company Pledges 50% Of Profits From New Hemp Gin To Indigenous Project.

Announcement posted by The Cannabis Company 25 Jan 2019

Australia’s fastest growing purveyors of all things cannabis have just announced that they will be pledging 50% of profits from the first release of their new Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin to an Indigenous land and fire management project in the Kimberley re

“Please do not mistake this as a charitable donation – this is an investment in the future of Australia” stated co-owner Cormac Sheehan. “This is but a molecule in the ocean of work that needs doing, and just as Twin Lakes’ Traditional Owners are our guides and partners in this endeavour, we consider the land itself to be our guide and our partner. We absolute must begin acting on this, or our children’s children will pay the price. Take care of mother earth and she will take care of you.” 
World Leaders
Melbourne’s The Cannabis Company went viral in October 2018 with the release of The Myrcene Hemp Gin, the world’s first cannabis-infused gin distilled with terpenes. That first release sold out in just three days, and this new hemp gin takes a similarly pioneering approach to its formulation.   
“Just like The Myrcene, once again we’re seeing the benefits of former academic and now CEO of The Cannabis Company, Dr. David Stapleton’s 25+ years experience as a biochemist at The University of Melbourne” stated Sheehan. “By blending Australian native botanicals with the cannabis terpene Limonene, we feel that we’ve captured the essence of our deep, complex and conflicted emotions about this beautiful country. Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin is the outcome of seven years spent developing trust and respect with Bruno Dann, an elder of the Nyul Nyul tribe on the Dampier Peninsula.” 
Working on a variety of projects around the Twin Lakes Cultural Park (of which Bruno is custodian and Traditional Owner) in Western Australia, Sheehan realised there was an opportunity to shine a light on local native bushfoods such as Gubinge, Wild Lemongrass and Jilungin. 
“Back when Bruno and I first began working together in 2012, The Cannabis Company was little more than a dream. When we began developing our range in 2017, I realised that we could finally begin fulfilling the desire to create a truly Australian spirit which all Australians could be proud of.” 
Bruno Dann added the following statement:
“I am very grateful and happy with The Canna Co and wish them well with the release of Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin. Cormac made the effort to come all the way out to my country to meet me some years ago and I told my story and I shared a bit of my knowledge of my land with him. I am very proud of what he has done with Jilungin for me and what he has achieved.”
- Bruno DannWinawarl BurrNyul Nyul ElderDampier Peninsular
Ground-breaking Research
The combination of Jilungin Dreaming Tea (Terminalia canescens) with the terpene Limonene was the result of a painstaking R&D process in which many native botanicals selected by Bruno and his partner Marion were trialled. 
“It was a long road” states Sheehan. “We thought maybe we wouldn’t make it, but the benefit of traditional sources of knowledge alongside Dr Stapleton’s years of experience in the lab prevailed and we persevered. The result is an even better gin than The Myrcene.”
While The Cannabis Co’s R&D process was taking place in Healesville (Victoria), Bruno had begun work researching Jilungin together with The University of Queensland. The results were impressive: Jilungin has been demonstrated to contain over 30% more antioxidants than Green Tea and has been showing strong anti-anxiety properties. Wild Lemongrass, another of the gin’s native Australian botanicals, has been confirmed by Griffith University in New South Wales Native as being comparable to aspirin in its effectiveness at treating headaches and inflammation. Even more interestingly, the cannabis terpene which best matched Jilungin and Native Lemongrass in terms of chemical interaction, flavour and effect on mood was Limonene, which is reputed to aid with anxiety and depression. common in many strains of cannabis, Limonene can also provide stress relief, while digestive issues may be improved through limonene’s potent antibacterial and antifungal effects. It also boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The research continues, and The Cannabis Co expect new findings around both Limonene and Jilungin’s potential to assist mood and anxiety issues to soon be published. 
“We drink it regularly and it works like a tonic on the body” reports Marion, Bruno Dann’s partner and Twin Lakes community member. “It alkalizes the system, gives us energy during daylight and wonderful sleeps at night. We harvest the long leaf variety which is a lovely golden colour and works as an elixir or general tonic. There has also been some results for people who suffer from insomnia and migraine headaches. The sap or gim is the most potent medicine! Nyul Nyul people suck it like lollies. It is the life blood of the plant and traditionally highly prized for its deep healing abilities. We are at the educational stage with use, as far as we know Bruno holds the knowledge and he wants to pass his knowledge on now. This is the purpose of Twin Lakes Cultural Park – to share knowledge. Twin Lakes is a very rich area for Jilungin, it doesn't grow everywhere on the Dampier Peninsular. We need to train people how to harvest it without damaging the plants. We are working very hard to save trees as they are fire prone so a lot of our time whilst harvesting is also spent restoring the forest."
50% of profits go back to the land
Since 2001, Bruno has been Chairperson of Manowan Aboriginal Corporation, named in honour of the country that his grandfathers left for him. Through healing and restoring his culture and country, Bruno has brought opportunities of learning and employment to many members of the Nyul Nyul community. Over the past two decades Bruno and Marion (together with their children and community) have had a major impact on the economy and ecology of the area around Broome and Beagle Bay. 
Using thousand-year-old techniques learned from his Grandfathers, Bruno’s work has resulted in record yields of wild-harvested bush tucker which is bringing not just money but hope and pride to an area which has long suffered from astounding levels of deprivation. By removing invasive and destructive species of plant life from his traditional land, meanwhile using backburning techniques to prevent the spread of destructive wildfire, Bruno has promoted the return of native flora and fauna which had not been seen in decades. 
Bruno’s work has inspired other Aboriginal groups in the area, and he recently began working with Albert Wiggan and The Nyul Nyul Rangers to share knowledge of traditional land management techniques. 
“Funding is always a challenge, and so after consulting with the local community, we realised that this was where the profits from The Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin could contribute the most – through education and promotion of ancient Indigenous land management techniques” states Sheehan. “It is in this spirit that we decided to honour the land by pledging 50% of the profits from this first release of The Jilungin into the care of our trusted partners Bruno & Marion for use in promoting education around traditional land management techniques. This will most likely take the form of building a new base camp and kitchen for Winawarl Burr Traditional Owners in collaboration with the Nyul Nyul Rangers out in Twin Lakes Cultural Park, used as a venue for workshops on land & fire management. This is just the beginning, and we hope to soon be able to report back on further positive endeavours.” 
Jilunging Dreaming Hemp Gin – Tasting Notes:
Both aroma and taste are super fresh. On the nose, an aura of the Kimberley’s Twin Lakes region comes to mind, scents of jilungin and wild lemongrass bringing forth a refreshing coolness reminiscent of a wetlands breeze on a hot summer’s day. Citrus elements of finger lime intertwine with cinnamon myrtle, while a heavy dose of juniper and coriander keep the spirit firmly entrenched in the tradition of a truly classic gin. 
On the palate, exotic notes of spice interact with a deep earthiness. Hemp’s naturally nutty flavour interacts with native botanicals to bestow an almost hazelnut quality upon the gin, brightening up a rich fullness to the mouth feel. Add tonic to your glass and experience the uniquely colourful bouquet of Native Australian wildness.       
The first release of the Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin is limited to 500 litres. 
Private release to subscribers at 11am on Friday 25thJanuary.
Official public access to the gin opens at 11am on Saturday 26thJanuary. 

Click HERE to download a zip file of high resolution images of The Jilungin.

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