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Healing the Spirit Through Dance Stirs The World

When you have opened venues packed with thousands for Doreen Virtue and have worked alongside Deepak Chopra it could be said that you have made your mark- for one life changer, success has reached new heights with her recent publishing deal with Hay House

Natalie Southgate is a Jungian psychotherapist, an energy healer, and a mother. She is also the founder of international dance sensation Chakradance. Creating Chakradance in the 1990's Natalie's modality has spread to over 40 countries around the world with facilitators getting hips moving and chakras aligned. Her book Chakradance: Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life is a fascinating account sharing the journey and insights of the moving meditation system, it is also an anecdotal reference guide to self-expression and unique healing.

"Being published by Hay House is such an honor. Louise worked for decades along with Reid Tracy to build what is now seen to many as an institution, to be a part of this is humbling, and I feel a lot of gratitude. To be able to reach even more people around the world with the book is part of the path, and when you know you are on your path, it sings true" says the talented author.

The bestselling publishing house has inspired the lives of people around the globe. Hay House was founded in 1984 by author and activist Louise Hay, who is known for her books on personal growth and work of the spirit. The iconic self-help and guidance format has successfully produced best sellers for decades and is now the publishing home to the global founder of Chakradance.

Described by Deepak Chopra as “Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras... and a wonderful experience” Chakradance has undoubtedly made an impression on some of the world most insightful teachers. ChakraDance: Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life has joined the bestselling ranks of the impressive Hay House library alongside names like Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Gabrielle Bernstein and Wayne Dyer.

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