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Project Team and Construction Industry Expert Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Seeks Partners on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers NSW

What it Takes to Partner with the Construction Industry as An Electrical Contractor

Nobody can deny that the construction industry is tough, demanding, and highly exacting business. Some electrical contractors can take this in their stride - others can’t and are better suited to maintenance and smaller-time projects for householders and businesses.

EJ Electrical Works is not averse to helping out with these smaller tasks, but it is when the company tackles large construction projects that it demonstrates its true capabilities. What sets EJ Electrical works apart? EJ Barnes, proprietor of the company, is very clear about the reasons for his business’s success as contractors to the construction industry.

Capacity, Capital Equipment, and the Right Team

A highly qualified and experienced team is a must when tackling large-scale construction projects. And this team must have the vehicles and equipment they need to deliver a professional service. Small-time operators simply don’t have the capacity, but EJ Electrical Works has everything it takes to fulfil its role in construction projects.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Big construction projects often have to deal with unexpected delays. Perhaps the weather isn’t favourable, and an early phase of construction didn’t go as planned. Project managers may need to reschedule, and it may be necessary to complete electrical work within a shorter timeframe than was initially expected. EJ Barnes Electrical Works doesn’t believe in keeping its clients waiting, even when the project’s specifications have changed. If it can be done, the company will move mountains to do it.

Getting it Right First Time, Every Time

A reputable electrical contractor will never try to fob off a shoddy job on its clients. EJ Barnes himself is passionate about quality. Before handover, he inspects all completed work and goes through an extensive checklist to ensure that every detail has been attended to in accordance with best practice. That’s particularly important in the construction industry, because each step in the completion of a project depends on the preceding one.

Being Part of the Project Team

A construction project involves many fields of expertise and many players who work with the project manager to ensure that goals are reached. Although only electricians can do electrical work, they cannot see their work as happening in isolation. Communication and teamwork with other artisans as well as the project manager are key to the successful completion of a construction project.

No Shortcuts to Success

According to EJ, there are no shortcuts to success: “You have to be dedicated to make it as an electrical contractor in the construction industry. Sometimes that means working long hours. Sometimes, you might experience a lot of pressure. But you have to remain calm and in control of your part of the process and you must deliver to specification, on time, and within the stipulated budget.”

“I carry my work ethic through to every aspect of my work. Small projects are handled with as much attention to quality as large ones. My construction industry clients know they can rely on my team for absolute professionalism and that’s why they’ll call on me whenever a project is in the pipeline.”

If you’re planning a construction project anywhere between Gold Coast and Byron Bay, you can contact EJ Electrical Works to find out more about its electrical contracting service.

You can visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.

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