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United Networks launches its Global eSIM

Global Roaming from $10GB with United Networks Global eSIM

United Networks Launches its Global eSIM Solution 

United Networks has completed the commercial trials of its Global eSIM solution and is adding it to the United Trust Platform. United Networks will be the first in market with a single platform providing Global eSIM, Global WiFi and SOS alerts capabilities, offering partners and customers the ability to be globally connected and protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

The United Networks Global eSIM is a game changer and connects users instantly to more than 500 networks in over 190 countries on supported devices through a completely digital process. When coupled with the United Networks WiFi and SOS app it is the ultimate travel connectivity solution.


United Networks Managing Director Nick Ghattas said, “Our Global eSIM solution gives customers a cost-effective global connectivity alternative that is always accessible and ready to use on your device at anytime.


“The Global eSIM is remotely activated in minutes with no need to change sims. The activation process is simple through online ordering. End users can simultaneously keep their local sim in the phone and receive and make calls when they travel as well as making calls, texting or use data on their Global eSIM.


“To set up the Global eSIM all a customer has to do is scan a QR code which activates the devices native activation process. Once activated the customer has access to global connectivity and our full range of insurtech solutions. The United Networks Global eSIM solution acts as the customer’s international telecommunications provider at highly competitive rates.

“The Global eSIM expands the reach of the United Networks Trust Platform for our distribution partners with the Global eSim that can be activated anywhere anytime,” Mr Ghattas said.

The Global eSIM is currently supported by the new IOS devices (new iPhone and iPad Pro ranges) as well as a range of other Android devices. The Global eSIM is available directly from United Networks and will be rolled out to partner websites over the coming months.



For customers, the Global eSIM provides a number of advantages including: -

·         No monthly charges, only pay for when you use it

·         The ability to receive calls from the local mobile and Global eSIM at the same time

  • The ability to use data from the Global eSIM while travelling

  • Internation Roaming Data from $10/GB
  • The Global eSIM is always ready and active

  • Data plans can be purchased for specific countries or zones at very competitive rates

  • Multiple eSIM plans can be installed on a single device offering customers more choices and enhanced connectivity

The Global eSIM also provides significant benefits for our Insurtech partners including: -

·         World first white label solution for insurers and travel partners ready to go

·         No physical costs of distribution of sims

·         Fast deployment into the market

·         Integrated with United Networks suite of Insurtech and connectivity suite of products.

eSIM Definition: eSIM stands for embedded SIM and it does everything a regular physical sim card does without any limitations that normally come along with it.


For more detail on the United Global eSim offering go to esim.net.au . The eSIM is available for pre-order now from our website with distribution commencing on the 10 February.