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Latest Lotto Results Reveal Current €108 Million EuroMillions Pot

The latest lotto results for EuroMillions resulted in a jackpot worth €70 million ($11.7 million NZD). No one hit the winning combination of numbers, although there was a lone winner of the tier II jackpot worth €913,606.80 (NZ$1.5 million).

EuroMillions is one of the more popular lotteries Kiwi residents play, mainly because of their massive, nine-figure jackpots. Another huge draw is that whether or not the top prize was won during the preceding draw, punters have the chance to take home any of these nine-figure pots. It grows larger until it reaches a jackpot cap, because the pot continues to roll over each draw, as long as there are no winners.

The next EuroMillions draw is scheduled on the 1st of February, Friday, where the jackpot up for grabs is at an estimated €108 million (NZ$181 million!) Punters have the chance of becoming an instant multi-millionaire with just one entry.

To play EuroMillions, bets are placed on one’s favoured outcome. Numbers are picked as normal and all players have equal chances to win the top prize. The game prizes are awarded regardless of how a punter entered—they can essentially win the same prize as if they entered the official EuroMillions draw through outlets like Lottoland.

Punters are to choose 5 numbers from a pool that starts from 1 until 50, with 2 further numbers to be picked from a list of numbers from 1 to 12. Those who find it difficult to choose their picks can also do so by using the QuickPick option, which will choose 5 numbers randomly for the player.

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